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The Challenge 

Our client was looking to create a private work area in the office, away from the rest of the office.

The challenge lay in specifying an acoustic glass partitioning that was appropriate for their workplace, along with finding a seamless method to fit their glass walls at the top of their stairs.

At Glass Partitioning UK, we were all too happy to help..

The Solution 

After discussing our client’s requirements, we agreed on the installation of acoustic glass partitions. This specialist glass uses a thin, clear PVB membrane that is bonded to surrounding glass panes. It’s this clever, acoustic membrane that absorbs sound energy and simultaneously prevents any sound vibrations from penetrating through the glass wall. Once installed, our client could experience a significant noise reduction, meaning they now had a space where they could work in private.

If acoustic performance is a big priority in your workplace, we can help. Our experts can advice on the best glass partitioning system to suit your requirements, or you can browse our Acoustics Guide or Acoustic Advice to compare the performance of our systems for yourself.

The transparency of the acoustic glass partitions meant that whilst the client could have a confidential meeting, this work area wasn’t isolated from the rest of the office. In fact, the acoustic glass walls created an eye-catching office above the rest of the workplace where you could still look out over the rest of the building.

We were able to overcome our client’s challenges, helping to optimise space and improve noise treatment in their workspace. They were left with a practical yet stylish office divider that facilitated dynamic work.

Need help with your project? Whether you’re looking to improve acoustics or divide departments, we have a glass partitioning system that can help. To discuss potential options for your future project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team of experts.

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