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The Challenge

The UK has witnessed a significant change to the landscape of the modern office. Today, many businesses are instead focusing their interest on environments that prioritise openness, natural light and collaboration to support the needs of their team – just like our client in this recent glass partitioning installation.

After recognising the need for dynamic spaces in their premises, our client planned to divide a new meeting room. This work area was a space that would foster concentration, communication and connection, all whilst keeping in line with the contemporary interiors that ran throughout the rest of the building.

To divide their new meeting room, they needed to install a suitable partitioning system. After research (and advice from our friendly experts), they decided that glass walls were a cost-effective solution that not only looks great, but meets the demands of their business. Our client felt confident in the skills and experience that our team had to offer and therefore enquired for our help with their glass partitioning installation.

The Solution

For our client’s project, our banded glass partitioning was perfect. After specifying the best system for their workspace in London, we set to work on the installation process.

Banded glass partitions, also known as industrial framed glass partitions, use a black aluminium framework to create a distinct, popular look. Our team of experienced fitters install this around the perimeter of the glass and then fix UVPC bars across to create that ‘windowed’ effect.

Our banded glass walls are increasingly popular for a number of reasons. For our client, they were able to enjoy advantages such as:

  • Better Commercial Interior Design – The installation of banded glass partitioning had a profound impact on our client’s overall office design. The contemporary style of this partitioning solution reflected the company’s ability to stay ahead of the curve, and also complemented the wooden flooring.
  • More Natural Light – The transparency of our glazed partitions encourages natural light into the workplace. We could go on and on about the benefits of natural light (and have in our latest article), sharing the advantages it has on the productivity and wellbeing of staff. Plus, our client’s banded glass partitions removed the need for as much artificial lighting to be running in the daytime, saving them a significant amount on energy bills.
  • Improved Concentration – As the main objective, our glazed glass partitions divided a functioning meeting room. This created a space for concentration, focus-based tasks and important meetings – all while maintaining an open, connective and cohesive environment.

Using a streamlined process, we installed our client’s banded glass partitioning on time and within budget. Our glass walls improved the overall aesthetics and functionality of our client’s workspace, creating a more comfortable and engaging environment for their teams.

We’ve installed our industrial-framed glass up and down the country – it’s customer favourite! If you’re interested in upgrading your workplace with our modern partitioning, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. From systems to cost, our glass experts are always happy to help.

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