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The Challenge 

Our client got in touch with our team for help with their existing glass office. The issue was that a glass partition panel had become damaged and they needed the help from skilled experts to replace it.

For us, the challenge lay in finding a glass partitioning system that perfectly matched the one used in their existing glass office. Luckily, when it comes to glass partitions, our experts know exactly what they’re doing..

The Solution 

Our initial site survey meant we were able to identify and specify the perfect system to match the client’s existing glass office: single glazed glass partition walls. This is one of our more popular glass partitions as they are affordable but still offer that luxurious, seamless finish.

In this time, we were also able to note the dimensions and design of our client’s glass manifestation. During installation, we applied this to their replacement glass panel, taking care to ensure it matched and aligned with their existing design.

Glass partitioning manifestations are a legal requirement on certain glass partitions for health and safety reasons (unless you opt for our banded glass partitions or your glass office meets certain requirements). Many companies, such as our client, take this as a great opportunity to get creative. At Glass Partitioning UK, we offer a variety of designs, including some of our more standard graphics. Why not send us in your own design and we can transform this into an unforgettable glass graphic?

Once we’d fitted the replacement glass partitions into the client’s workplace, they were able to continue enjoying the many benefits their glass office offered.

If you need help replacing your glass partitions or are looking to have new ones installed, please don’t hesitate to contact our team. We can discuss your options or get started with your project right away.

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