Fire Rated Glass Partitioning

Let’s ensure you are protected.

Glass Partitioning UK offer a range of fire rated glass partition systems and fire screens to suit even the most stringent scenarios.

For peace of mind, many glass partitioning systems don’t actually need to be structurally fire rated in accordance to UK building regulations. However, it is important to always check if in doubt.

Glass Partitioning UK are very experienced in the area of fire safety and can help take you through the process and then suggest suitable systems to ensure you are protected. We can provide systems with up to 120 minutes protection.


The classification of fire is split into two sections:

Fire Integrity – Ability of the glass partition to act as a barrier and stop the progress of the fire, smoke and toxic gases from one side of the partition to the other.

Fire Insulation – Ability of the glass partition to restrict the heat moving from one side of the wall to the other.

These classifications will be listed in terms of minutes for integrity and insulation, i.e. 30/30 would be 30 minutes integrity and 30 minutes insulation.

A Building Control Officer (BCO) has the ultimate say on the level required for an area, we can only help point you in the right direction.

To give an indication, typical areas requiring some level of fire protection would be corridors and escape routes among others.

The Process

  1. Get in touch with a building control officer (we can help with this if you’d prefer)
  2. Decision made on the level of fire protection required based on the design of the area
  3. A suitable glass partition is specified and installed to ensure your workplace is protected