Our Top 3 Smart Glass Installations of 2024

As specialists in all things glass partitioning, we keep a watchful eye over the ever-changing commercial interior trends that shape the contemporary workplace. Recently, we’ve noticed one emerging trend that’s impossible to ignore: smart glass partitioning.

If you’ve found your way to our article, odds are you’ve also noticed the growing popularity of this glazed system and are interested in learning more. Well, you’re in luck. By reading on, you’ll become equipped with all the knowledge you need about our switchable glass walls, along with some inspiration from our very own smart technology installations. Let’s get started!

What is Smart Glass Partitioning

Smart glass, also known as switchable glass or privacy glass, is a type of premium glazed partitioning – with a twist. Using advanced technology, the glass easily transitions between a transparent and opaque setting at the touch of a button through a remote control. At its core, smart glass uses a layer of small liquid crystals that can align or unalign depending on the desired level of privacy or visibility.

It offers plenty of benefits for a range of environments, including open-plan offices, meeting rooms, healthcare facilities and residential properties:

  • Privacy Control – Switchable smart glass partitions empower users with privacy on demand. Whether you want to create an open, collaborative workspace or hold a confidential meeting, the power is in your hands. For more advice on how to add privacy to your glass partitions, don’t miss our latest blog.
  • Adaptability – The adaptability of switchable glass partitioning makes it a prime feature within flexible workplaces. Particularly in dynamic office environments that embrace a hybrid work model, smart glass partitions can adapt to different needs and preferences.
  • Interior Design – Smart glass walls are also a hallmark of modern interior design. Once installed, these glazed partitions create a contemporary style, whilst the transparent setting gives the illusion of spaciousness by welcoming an abundance of natural light.
  • Productivity – With the opaque setting activated, smart glass walls can double as a projector screen – ideal for presentations, pitches or collaborative group activities. The transition from an open environment to a focused setting is also sure to leave a lasting impression on stakeholders and peers alike!

Not sure if smart glass partitioning are for you? Here are 7 brilliant reasons why you should make the investment.

Our Top Installations

If you’re impressed already, just wait. We’ve installed our premium glass partitioning in workplaces across the UK, and here are our favourite ones for 2024.

1. Switchable Glass Partitioning Installation

Located near our headquarters in the heart of London, this project is the epitome of innovation and modern design. Our client was looking for multiple glass partitioning installations, including our popular banded glass and switchable glass partitions.

The installation of privacy glass into the main office area successfully divided a contemporary meeting room. Using switchable glass ensures that this space remains connected to the rest of the workplace, but also offers privacy as and when needed.

2. Private Glass Partitioning Installation

If you’re looking to create a corporate boardroom, look no further. This privacy glass installation features a corner section around the edge of the existing office space. We also fitted a smart glass door to ensure the entire system offered complete privacy on demand. The transparent setting means that natural light can still flow through to create a bright and welcoming environment.

3. Smart Glass Partitioning Installation

In this project, we fitted smart glass technology to create the ultimate workshop/meeting room. This modern glass partitioning coupled perfectly with the rustic appearance of the exposed brickwork at the back of the building, lending an industrial look to the space. With a striking black framework, this installation is quite the masterpiece.

When opaque (private), our client is able to work on confidential projects, host 1-2-1s or collaborate with colleagues successfully. When transparent (open), the influx of natural light is maximised, creating a bright, inviting and supportive environment for the team’s wellbeing.

The Future of Smart Glass Walls

As smart glass technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, so do our workplaces. Here are some trends that we’re expecting to shape the future of our offices:

Increased Automation

We anticipate smart glass partition walls to become interconnected with a larger range of building management services to allow for better automation and user experience. Think apps and voice control options that allow you to tailor your environment to meet your needs.

Improved Sustainability

While glass is a fairly sustainable partitioning material, there are always ways to improve. We hope to see changes in the construction and functioning of privacy glass partitioning, driving their involvement in green building projects and sustainability initiatives.

More Customisation

We expect to see more and more businesses embrace bespoke switchable glass! We’re looking forward to seeing teams add their own spin to their glazed walls, through branded designs and bespoke features.

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We work with a range of brands from tech start-ups, to government & education.

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