Domestic Glass Partitioning

Glass partitioning has found its place within the home. Popular for its modern look and open plan style, we provide a range of domestic glass partitioning for an elegant and contemporary addition to the household, as well as the office.

Ways to Style Glass in the Home

Domestic glass partitioning has similar benefits to commercial applications. When used inside, domestic glass walls can create sleek room dividers for the bathroom – we think they look particularly stylish with ensuites. Glass bannisters are increasingly popular to trim staircases, providing strong support without diminishing space and increasing the flow of natural light into the home, amongst a variety of other domestic installations.

Outside, installing glass balustrades can help to support residents or create a great design feature. Domestic glass partitioning with high acoustic properties can divide up sections of your garden that require different functionalities; how about creating the perfect reading spot in the garden for those sunny days? Acoustic, domestic glass can reduce noise interruptions without spoiling your view as a solid partition might.

Our homes are individual to us, so it’s important to get the interior design right. We supply a range of glass types covering multiple performance features so you can find the perfect fit, crafted for your own personal space.

Benefits of Glass in Domestic Interiors

Not only is domestic glass partitioning a high end and modern addition to the home, but it can also benefit the way you live:

  • Substituting walls for glass partitioning can maximise the reach of natural light in the home. This has many benefits, with countless studies showing the correlation between exposure to daylight and improved mental health. Not only this, but with increased light flow, you could also find yourself saving on energy bills!
  • Our selection of glass types offers varying levels of sound protection. From single glazed glass to special acoustic glass, we have an acoustic guide to help you decide the glass to provide the best sound quality for your space.
  • Open plan designs are hugely popular in interiors. In some areas where it’s necessary to have a wall, our domestic glass partitioning can help preserve that open appearance and also divide up space. Don’t fancy completely clear glass? Our banded glass partitioning makes a great design piece in the home.
  • After the pandemic, many of us have been investing in home offices to accommodate for a new hybrid style of work. Domestic glass partitioning is a subtle way to make efficient use of space that is free from noise distraction and won’t isolate workers from the rest of the house.

At Glass Partitioning UK, we offer a range of glass types available in different shapes, sizes and performance attributes to suit your individual, domestic space. Simply fill out the form below to find out how we can help transform your home: