Acoustic Glass Partitioning

For maintaining privacy or containing commotion.

The premium option for glass partitioning, delivering the ultimate in acoustic performance. Available in both single, double glazed and banded options, ensuring that you can achieve the style you desire with your acoustics needs.

Is acoustic glass for me?

Are you a noisy group? Need peace and quiet to concentrate? Or perhaps confidentiality is important within a meeting room? Then our acoustic glazing will provide the perfect solution. Whilst its single and double glazed counterparts provide some sound advantages, acoustic glass goes one step further towards achieving a sound proof environment and can provide up to 50% further noise reduction.

Loud voices cannot be heard through our acoustic glass partitions – perfect for a rowdy meeting or a private conversation. To compare this to the acoustic qualities of our other products, please see our Acoustics Guide.


How does acoustic glass work?

A thin, clear PVB membrane is bonded to the glass panes. This clever, acoustic membrane absorbs sound energy, preventing the sound vibrations from penetrating the glass, resulting in a significant noise reduction.

What does acoustic glass look like?

To the untrained eye the glass will appear no different to its single glazed and double glazed equivalents. A clear layer of laminate is housed within the glass enhancing acoustic levels without compromising visibility. There is a slight difference in the thickness of the glass due to the acoustic membrane which is 0.8mm thick. Therefore, single glazed acoustic glass thickness is 10.8mm, as opposed to the usual single glazing which is 10mm and double glazed acoustic glass is 12.8mm, as opposed to the original double glazing of 12mm. As a result the clean, clear glass appearance is still achieved, but with the highest sound quality benefits.

How can I achieve the best sound quality glass meeting room?

Whilst you will not be able to achieve 100% sound insulation there are features that can help you achieve the very best acoustic performance.

  1. Double glazed acoustic glass – on top of the acoustic membrane, the double glazing provides an extra layer of glass to help block sound.
  2. No door – perhaps you already have another entrance to the room? Choosing not to install a door in will help keep sound within the room, however we appreciate that you need to get in and out somewhere!
  3. Seals and frames – if you do need a door, opt for seals and frames to help contain the sound.

Cost of acoustic glass

As one of our premium products, it does work out dearer than our standard glazing due to the extra acoustic membrane that it contains. However, well worth the extra payment if acoustics are important in your space.

Acoustic Glass Doors

Whilst doors will always be a weak point when trying to contain sound within a room, we would be a bit lost without them! There are additional features we suggest to help reduce noise lost through the door.

Our acoustic doors are made from the same quality acoustic glass panes which contain the noise reducing membrane. We also highly recommend getting a frame and seals for doors when sound is of the upmost importance.

Have a look at our Doors page to see examples of these features.

Acoustics Guide

dB Rating What this means Where it could be used
Up to 50dB Loud speech can’t be heard. Very confidential meeting spaces (HR, board rooms) or very loud collaborative areas to keep the noise within the room.

To compare to our other glass partitioning systems, try our acoustics guide.

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