General Glass Partitioning FAQ

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  • What is a manifestation and do I need one?

    You are required by law to add a glass manifestation to your partition. A manifestation is a treatment that is applied to the glass partition in order to make it visible and to avoid collisions. Glass manifestations can also enhance privacy and become an attractive design feature. In addition, they are a relatively inexpensive way to personalise your office with bespoke graphics. Your manifestation must be a minimum of 2 rows of dots or squares on full-height glass partitions in order to comply with Building Regulation Document N and M. Many of our customers opt to use their logo as a manifestation as this creates a professional look.

  • Is there an alternative to using a manifestation?

    Yes, many of our clients choose to instead go for banded glass with bars in the middle, having these bars negates the need for a manifestation and creates a modern industrial look.

  • Is the glass soundproof?

    Installing a glass wall or partition will always reduce noise transfer from one room to another, however, we have many different types of glass available, all with different levels of soundproofing. If you are installing a glass meeting room and need increased privacy then we suggest you look at our acoustic glass partitioning options.

    Clients should note that when glass reaches a certain level of soundproofing the noise can travel through the ceiling. Please see our acoustic glass partitioning.

  • What is the maximum height of glass partition?

    2.7m is our maximum height with standard 10mm thick glass. For anything higher we use thicker glass to ensure integrity and compliance, our team can advise on how to achieve the desired height.

  • What if we need a secure glass door?

    If you need a security door we can add locks and suitable handles to our glass doors. If you require a specific lock we would need to assess that early on, but nearly every time we can fit the desired lock. Please see our glass doors page for more information.

  • Is there an alternative to using acoustic glass for soundproofing?

    If you want to keep costs down and avoid using acoustic glass for your entire office then the door is a key area to consider. Doors have a gap around the perimeter to allow the door to open and close. We can add a seal which still allows the door to function fully but also reduces the amount of noise that can travel through. Sometimes clients will opt for a timber door for style and noise reduction reasons.

  • I have an uneven ceiling, can I still install a glass partition?

    Yes absolutely! The surface area of the uneven sections will dictate which option is the most cost-effective. Sometimes clients have old buildings where the ceilings are just not that level, typically we will measure the panels of glass individually and allow for the discrepancies in height. Alternatively, we will install a deeper perimeter channel that holds the glass as this will absorb the undulations of an older ceiling. During a phonecall/survey our team can talk you through the options.

    Often modern offices have services exposed on the ceilings, these can be cables for lighting or larger services such as air conditioning units. Typically in these instances, a drywall bulkhead is built to consume the service, the glass is then joined against the level underside of the bulkhead.

Doors FAQ

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  • What is the standard glass door option?

    Our standard glass door is frameless, the door pivots without the need of a door frame. The glass of the door sits flush with that of the partition providing a cost effective and elegant solution.

  • What alternatives are there for glass doors?

    We can also provide fire compliant doors, doors with enhanced acoustic properties, wooden doors, and further alternative style options.

  • What are the advantages of opting for a framed glass door?

    Framed glass doors offer better noise reduction than frameless glass doors and they are an alternative style that some may prefer.

  • Do you offer both single and double glazed doors?
  • Do you have sliding doors?
  • Who needs a fire proof door?

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