Double Glazed Glass Partitioning

Versatile partition system with improved acoustic performance

Double Glazed Frameless Glass Partitioning 

A step up the pricing scale from the single glazed option but delivers superior acoustic performance, meaning those private meetings stay private. The same high class look is achievable with double glazed frameless glass partition.

Double Glazing vs Single Glazing. What are the added benefits?

There is improved sound insulation (room to room noise) from the single glazed system.

If containing sound is really important to you then our Acoustic Glass is another step up to buffer sound. However, for the ultimate in sound insulation you can have acoustic double glazed glass. See our Acoustic Guide for a sound comparison of all the different systems.

Integrated blinds can be installed in between the glass. This means no tangled, dusty blinds! It allows you to have some privacy for meetings when needed, but is in keeping with the clean minimalist look.

Summary of Technical Features

  • Available in combinations of 10mm and 12mm toughened glass, as well as laminated acoustic glass.
  • Optional integral blinds – installed between the glass for privacy.
  • Tracks available in white, silver, dark grey and black as standard.
  • Improved sound insulation (room to room noise) from the single glazed system.
  • Clear joints giving the system a “frameless” glazed look.
  • Custom window film and logos available (see our Manifestations page for more information).

Acoustics Guide

dB Rating What this means Where it could be used
Up to 44dB Normal level conversations can barely be heard, loud speech can only just be interpreted. All offices, private meeting areas, board rooms

To compare to our other glass partitioning systems, try our acoustics guide.