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Double Glazed Case Studies

Our client needed two double glazed, frameless glass partitions with a large manifestations that featured their company logo.


The Challenge 

This glass partitioning installation consisted of two parts:

  1.  The client needed a glass partitioning, completed with a glass door that allowed easy entry into the new work space.
  2. In a different area of the workplace, they also required another glass partition to run along the side of one of their office spaces, with a design feature that made them more private.

Having established our client’s wants and needs during an initial consultation, our team were able to recommend the best glass partitioning system and install it around their business requirements.

The Solution 

The project involved the installation of frameless, double glazed glass partitions. This versatile partitioning system helped improve privacy as it provides a step up in acoustic performance than our standard single glazed glass walls. In fact, a fixed double glazed glass wall can offer sound insulation of up to 40-44 dB, meaning any conversation our client had in their meeting room was barely audible from the outside.

To ensure a smooth installation process, our team of fitters applied drywall nibs to the original ceiling soffit. This was a great way to overcome the unlevel ceiling surface in our client’s old building and ensure acoustic performance wasn’t compromised by any faulty gaps.

Next, we applied a glass manifestation onto the client’s new double glazed glass partitioning. This was bespoke to our client as it featured their company logo to help reinforce company culture and identity, as well as create a professional finish in the workplace.

We then applied a wide section of frosting to the glass partitions to further improve privacy. This banded across the centre of their glass walls, helping to obscure visual access into the meeting room and improve it’s overall feel of confidentiality.

Once completed, our client was left with a smart glass meeting room with a professional finish. They were incredibly happy with their bespoke manifestation and couldn’t wait to work in their new space.

With every project, we listen to the needs of our clients. Our initial consultation allow us to understand how your business works, as well as any personal preferences you have to deliver the perfect glass partitioning solution. Whether you want to improve acoustics or reinforce brand identity, please don’t hesitate to contact our experts to discuss your project today.

Some of our clients

We work with a range of brands from tech start-ups, to government & education.

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