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We turned vision into reality, installing a modern, trendy glass office whilst keeping the building's period features intact. Discover more..

Bespoke Glass Partition - South London | GPUK

The Challenge

As part of our service, we visited Made Tech’s premises on our site visit. When arriving on site, we were met with an old period theatre, characterised by uneven ceilings and floors.

During our visit, we established the client’s vision of their future glass office; modern, on trend and professional, they needed a skilled glass partitioning team to install their glazed glass whilst preserving their office’s beautiful period features.

Glass partitioning as the ideal solution to complement the old brickwork and timber features whilst also dividing necessary office space and creating a productive, 21st-century working environment.

The Solution

The site’s uneven ceilings, floor and exposed brickwork certainly presented some interesting challenges, however, at Glass Partitioning UK, we are experienced in dealing with period properties and provided a bespoke solution for their space.

For this project, we overcame the varying heights of the ceilings and floors by accurately measuring the space during the site survey (to the nearest millimetre!). We then had over 50 glass panels manufactured, made to fit. This meant that when it came to installation, the bespoke glazed partitions were easily slotted into situ.

To combat the uneven brick walls, we applied wooden timbers between the bricks and the glass sheets, creating a flush finish. The unique timber slabs contributed to the overall acoustic performance of the new glass office by blocking any potential gaps where sound could escape. What’s more, we ensured our timber slats kept in the same style as the building’s original timber infrastructure.

Banded glass partitions use an aluminium framework, often paired with organic features like exposed brick and timber beams for a rustic appearance. We completed the glass installation with a branded glass manifestation. The film applied to the glass used personalised designs, interpreted from Made Tech’s company logo. On top of this, the glass meeting rooms had manifestations of their names applied to the glass. This instilled branding to motivate staff and inspire visitors by forming a clean, personalised finish that no one would forget any time soon.

If you have a bespoke glass partitioning project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team of experts are always on hand with the best advice and services to guide you through your glass partition installation.

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We work with a range of brands from tech start-ups, to government & education.

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