How to Retrofit Heritage Buildings with Glass Partitioning

Retrofitting old or heritage properties with glass partition walls presents a unique opportunity to blend the old with the new. This fusion of contemporary interiors and historical charm has become increasingly popular over time – we’ve had a heavy hand in a number of projects where we’ve enabled companies to create a truly distinctive workplace where their business can thrive.

If you love this interior design as much as we do and are eager to explore its potential for your workspace, you’ve come to the right place. Before embarking on the transformative journey of installing glass partitioning in your office, we recommend delving into this article. At the end, you’ll be equipped with all the knowledge you need to ensure a seamless installation, from anticipating any potential challenges to maximising the benefits awaiting you upon completion. Let’s get started, shall we?

Preserving History with Glass Partitions

At Glass Partitioning UK, we have a deep appreciation for existing architecture and the historical significance of heritage buildings. Each structure tells a unique story and reflects the cultural heritage of the place. Throughout our glass partitioning installation process, we’re committed to preserving the unique character and charm that make these buildings so special.

Our Installation Approach

We begin most glass partition installations with an initial site survey to assess the unique characteristics of your building. During this stage, we’ll evaluate the structure, identify any potential challenges and take accurate measurements of your space. Using the data we gather from this site visit, we can devise a tailored solution to ensure you receive your dream workplace.

Here are just a few examples of how we can help you overcome some common installation challenges associated with older, heritage buildings:

  • Uneven Surfaces – One common challenge we encounter is uneven surfaces. These can pose obstacles to the installation of our glazed partitions by creating gaps along the perimeter tracks – gaps where sound can escape. To overcome this, we can create a subtle, level surface to which your perimeter tracks can be securely attached. By levelling the foundation, whether that’s on a brick wall or uneven ceiling, we can ensure that your glass partitions are installed with precision and stability.
  • Existing Utilities and Pipework – In buildings with existing utilities and pipework, such as offices with overhead infrastructure, we use a strategic approach. Typically, this involves constructing a bulkhead which absorbs the pipework and other obstructions, creating a smooth crossbar for the glass partition walls to be installed.

By addressing common challenges found in older buildings, we offer our customers a detailed installation process that doesn’t compromise the quality of their workspace, or the heritage of the building. If you have a complex building that you’re hesitant about, please contact our experts. We can talk you through your options and deliver a detailed plan that best suits you.

Why Work with Glass Partitioning Installers?

If you’re looking to install glass walls within a special building or have a complicated project on your hands, we highly recommend working with experts such as our team. With years of experience, you can see a number of benefits:

  • Experience – We’ve been in the business for over 20 years, facing many heritage buildings and challenging projects during this time. We therefore have the skill and experience to find what works and utilise this in your project, with the reassurance that it’s worked before.
  • Craftsmanship – With a focus on precision and attention to detail, our glass partitioning installation team deliver superior craftsmanship that you can’t achieve by yourself. We ensure that every single one of our glass partitioning installations is executed to the highest standard.
  • Access to Materials – In these 20 years, we’ve also built strong industry connections which means we can specify and supply high quality glass, designed for your environment.
  • Project Management – We offer a streamlined approach with meticulous project management, coordinating all aspects of your installation to minimise disruption and ensure your project is completed on time.

Our Heritage Building Portfolio

To illustrate our experience with older and heritage buildings that require a bit more care, here is an example from one of our favourite projects to date:

Glass Partitioning Installation in South London

This site was an old period theatre, used as an office space, that our client was keen to introduce to the 21st century working environment. As typical with older properties, when we arrived on site for a technical survey, we were met with uneven ceilings and floors, as well as old brickwork and timber features.

For this project, we ensured that we took accurate measurements of the space before manufacturing over 50 glass panels. These made-to-measure glass walls meant that they were each to be installed when they arrived onside. For the uneven brick walls, we installed wooden timbers between the bricks and the glass to create a flush finish. Of course, we ensured these timber slats were in line with the period property’s original timber infrastructure.

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