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Check out this modern and minimalist glass partitioning installation. Premium and high performing, we provided the perfect solution..

Glass Boardroom in West London | Glass Partitioning UK

The Challenge

Having moved into a new office space, the client contacted Glass Partitioning UK in need of a sleek and presentable room to showcase new products.

As a high-end shoe designer, the client’s focus was on ensuring their partitioning was smart and modern, forming a glass meeting room that was sure to impress and present products to their potential clients. What’s more, our glass partitioning specialists needed to consider the acoustic properties of their system as the glass boardroom was to be installed within a working office, available for staff use too.

The Solution

For this project, we installed frameless glass partitioning, ensuring the system provided the ideal acoustic rating for the client’s requirements.

Glass was the perfect option to divide the client’s new boardroom. Clean, sleek and modern, it has a professional appearance that complemented the minimalist theme. Glass allowed light to flood into the divided office space, helping to promote products and impress potential clients.

During the site survey, we took accurate measurements to ensure a smooth installation process. During this stage, we outlined the trunking that ran along the bottom of one of the client’s wall. This enabled us to measure the glass to fit, shaping it to the existing workplace, around the trunking.

Are you interested in glass partitioning but worry about your uneven office setting? Don’t panic. With over 20 years experience installing glazed partitions within an array of workplaces across the UK, we are sure to have the perfect glass installation solution. Our fitters pride themselves on delivering a smooth installation process, causing as little disruption to your office as possible.

Once completed, our client had a stylish and functional office-space-come-boardroom. The client was happy with the service we provided, installing their glass using our seamless process.

If you’re interested in installing a stylish glass boardroom within your workplace, we can help. Get in touch with our experts for more advice on your project, or enquire about starting your project today.

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