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Check out our recent glass partitioning project where we installed a smart system to complement our client's chic, Scandi office design.

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The Challenge

Our client’s office was bright and modern, following a Scandi interior scheme. In order to facilitate different styles of work, they needed a practical solution to divide multiple work areas. For them, glass was a great solution as it kept the light and spacious feel throughout the rooms.

The glass partitioning installation was part of a larger fit out project, therefore it was important our fitters worked in harmony with other contractors, taking care not to damage any existing interiors such as the herringbone floor or white wash walls.

The Solution

With years of experience, we were the perfect team to deliver our client’s new glass office. The glass partitioning installation was quick, simple and easy – we completed the project in one hassle-free package:

  • Site Survey & Consultation – We began the glass wall installation with a site survey and consultation, at a time that was most convenient to our client. Here, we took accurate measurements and curated a detailed brief that met every objective. We were also able to note the thick skirting boards that otherwise would have led to implications during installation.
  • Installation – Next, we scheduled the project date where our in-house fitters would arrive on site to install the framed glass walls. They began by fixing black tracks around the perimeter. This is what gives the class the framed look. With this completed, we could carefully fit the glass partitions and framed glass door in place.
  • Adding the Manifestation – Now that the single glazed glass partitioning was installed, we could apply the frosted glass manifestation. This frosted film is a timeless solution that can add visual privacy to our glass walls, without blocking the flow of natural light. The manifestation design is classic, so it’s no surprise that it’s popular across many different industries, including our recent frosted glass partitioning projects in Leicestershire, London and Cambridgeshire.

At Glass Partitioning UK, we’re flexible to deliver your project to you. Whether you’re working with a strict project deadline or limited by budget, we can help. Our glass partitioning installations are affordable, high quality and efficient, creating better experiences wherever work happens.

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Some of our clients

We work with a range of brands from tech start-ups, to government & education.

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