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Our client, a dentist, needed glass partitions installed in order to create a safe environment for patients during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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The Challenge 

For this project, our client was a busy dental surgery, situated in Cambridgeshire. They needed a practical and sage solution to implement some changes in the way they work and to create a safe environment for patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Having spoken to our experts at Glass Partitioning UK about previous solutions we’ve provided to clients to help businesses continue to run safely, such as glass screens, the client outlined the following brief:

“We required a glass partition, primarily as a result of the changes effected by COVID-19, to isolate the surgery from what was a communal area and create a passageway, as well as isolation and privacy for the surgery.”

Haven taken accurate site measurements and outlined key requirements to our client’s business, we were ready to get started..

The Solution 

We started by installing a single glazed partition between the dentist’s treatment room and the communal passageway. Our single glazed glass was an affordable and flexible solution that still offered our client’s workplace with a high-end finish. Despite the panic the pandemic had set in nationwide, we ensured our team of fitters complied with social distancing rules, completing the glass wall installation safely and efficiently.

To provide privacy for the dentistry patients, we then fitted a partially frosted glass manifestation to the glazed glass wall. This created a safe space where patients could relax, all without compromising on the reach of natural light.

Now completed, the single glazed glass partitioning will protect both the dentist’s patients and staff to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, as well as create a welcoming, stylish work environment to optimise business.

The client was pleased with the services and products our specialists provided, leaving us with a positive review:

I chose Glass Partitioning UK initially from a Google search. However, an initial estimate was speedily forthcoming and they understood exactly what I wanted. Furthermore, the speed with which this could be delivered was very attractive.

I found working with Glass Partitioning UK incredibly easy. Site visit within a week, minimal fuss, fully understood what I wanted and delivered and installed 2 weeks later. The price for the product and service was very seasonable and communications throughout were excellent.”

For more information about our social distancing solutions or for help installing your own glass partitions (be it protective glass screens or our more standard office partitions), please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our specialists.

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