How to Add Privacy to Your Glass Partitions

Whilst some offices require higher levels of confidentiality than others, there’s no denying that private spaces are paramount within nearly every successful work environment. Whether you need a place for confidential meetings, to contain collaborative sessions or to focus on specific tasks without distractions, having these designated areas is essential.

We’ll be the first to suggest glass partitioning as the perfect solution to build these needed workspaces, however, we understand if you feel apprehensive. A common misconception is that our glazed walls can’t offer privacy as they provide no place to hide.

In reality, we proudly offer private glass partitioning solutions that won’t compromise performance or appearance. From advanced smart glass technology to acoustic solutions, here are just a few ways you can add privacy to your glass partitions.

1. Glass Manifestations

Glass manifestations are not only a legal requirement for certain glass partitions due to health and safety requirements – they also present a great design opportunity! We love incorporating company branding with these glass graphics or finding a unique pattern as a way to inspire staff.

Manifestations can also be used strategically to provide full or partial visual privacy to a room. Specific designs can shield visual access into a space whilst still allowing a healthy flow of natural light indoors. For instance, frosted partitioning uses a frosted glass window film to restrict visual access into a divided space. We can tailor these designs to offer partial or full privacy. These privacy glass partitions are perfect for a range of settings, including dentists, offices, corporate environments, healthcare facilities and more.

Frosted Glass Inspiration

Take a look at some of our recent private glass partitioning projects that utilise manifestations:

  • Private Glass Partitioning in Leicestershire – We created frosted glass walls by applying a band across the glass panes. This provided partial privacy without compromising on the volume of light able to reach each area.
  • Privacy Glass Partitions in South West London – After installing our client’s double glazed glass partitions, we applied a frosted band across the panes for additional privacy. We also incorporated their company logo as part of this manifestation to reinforce company identity and create a corporate finish.
  • Private Glass Screen in Cambridgeshire – To provide privacy to patients in this dentist clinic, we installed partial frosting on our client’s glazed glass walls that blocked vision into the practice room from the waiting room.
  • Frosted Glass Office in Central London – Whilst privacy was important in this project, our client was keen to maintain a healthy dose of light throughout their space. We added a ¾ frosted manifestation as the perfect solution to maintain light flow.

For more inspiration, don’t miss our article where we highlight our favourite glass partitioning manifestations to date!

2. Reeded Glass Partitioning

Similarly to glass manifestations, reeded glass partitioning offers another solution to add visual privacy in the workplace. This type of glazed wall has a distorted design that removes an element of transparency from the glass panels, providing a stylish way to conceal those behind them.

The ‘reeded’ style has become a popular private glass partitioning option thanks to its retro appearance that’s often complemented with industrial framed banding.

For those looking for a more budget-friendly option, we also provided reeded glass ‘films’ (or manifestations) that deliver a similar level of privacy.

Reeded Glass Inspiration

Recently, we installed reeded glass partitioning into our client’s reception area to offer protection to their staff and minimise disruptions from the adjacent staircase. To learn more about this project and explore additional applications of reeded glass walls, read our case study.

3. Switchable Glass Partitioning

f you’re looking to create a dynamic workplace that supports all types of work tasks, allow us to introduce you to our switchable glass partitioning. Also known as smart glass or electric frosted glass, this type of glazed wall uses advanced technology to offer the best of both worlds.

Switchable Glass Partitioning

Switchable smart glass uses a remote control to switch between clear and opaque settings at the touch of a button. Consisting of multiple layers, including liquid crystal molecules, these partitions transform from transparent to opaque (and vice versa) with ease. When switched on, these molecules align to turn the glass panes transparent, forming an open and inviting space flooded with natural light. When switched off, the crystals disperse to form an opaque surface where light is blocked and privacy is improved.

Switchable Glass Partitioning

This type of privacy glass is popular in a variety of environments, offering a wide range of benefits:

  • Offices – Switchable glass offers a level of versatility beyond traditional walls. For example, the opaque setting doubles as an excellent surface for projecting video meetings and presentations, significantly improving communication.
  • Hospitals – They’re also popular in hospitals where surgeons can easily switch between private operations and student viewings.
  • Homes – Their adaptability also extends to domestic environments, where homeowners benefit from customisable privacy solutions – whether that’s for a home office or bathroom.

Smart Glass Inspiration

As one of our premium glass partitions, we’re in constant awe of our installations (even if we do say so ourselves), and the outcomes they have for our customers.

For example, in this recent project located in London, switchable smart glass was used to divide a meeting area from the main office space. The privacy options offered by this system ensure that confidential meetings can be held without interruptions from the central workplace. When not needed, our client can achieve a sense of connectivity with the rest of the workplace by turning it to the transparent mode.

Looking for more inspo? We’ve rounded up our top smart glass installations in this article – give it a browse!

4. Acoustic Glass Partitioning

In addition to visual privacy, acoustics play an important role in productive work in many workplaces. We offer acoustic glass partitioning to create the ideal soundproof space, available with both single and double glazed options for varying levels of sound protection. For your reference, fixed acoustic single glazed glass provides an impressive 37 dB rating, whilst acoustic double glazed glass offers up to 50 dB.

Our acoustic glass partitions use an acoustic membrane that’s bonded to the glass panes. They work to prevent noise from penetrating through them. Once installed, these private partitions can significantly reduce the transmission of sound from room to room, keeping private meetings private and containing collaborative sessions.

Acoustic Glass Inspiration

Experience the benefits of acoustic glass partitioning by exploring some of our projects:

  • Double Glazed Glass Partitioning in London – We used partitions with double glazed as the perfect level of noise control for our client’s office. With little impact on appearance (just a slight increase in thickness), this offered a sound protection of up to 44 dB.
  • Acoustic Glass Walls in Central London – Looking for ways to improve privacy in their office, we installed soundproof glass. The client could then hold important meetings in private, as well as utilise this space as a room to focus on specific tasks.
  • Double Glazed Glass Walls in Lancashire – We successfully divided a room from the rest of our client’s office to create an area with advanced privacy. Going one step further, we also applied a frosted film to block visual access into the space.

We’ve highlighted some of our favourite acoustic glass office installations in one place – here, you can explore our solutions to some common privacy issues.

Privacy Glass Installations

Who said glass partitions can’t offer privacy? As industry experts, we’re able to advise the most suitable privacy solutions for your new or existing glass partitions. We’re able to consider the unique needs of your workplace, as well as any budget requirements.

Reach out to us today to start a conversation about your project – we look forward to working together.

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