Banded Glass: The Perfect Accent for Minimalist Interiors

Banded Glass Case Studies

For this glass partitioning installation, we headed to Hayling Island, where we helped our client to create the minimalist space they had always dreamed of..

Banded Glazed Walls

The Challenge

With ample amounts of light flowing in, clean white walls and airy wooden floorboards setting the stage, our client was looking for a partitioning solution that fitted with their new minimalist interior scheme (a design that is characterised by simplicity).

The installation would be a part of a larger renovation project on their property on Hayling Island, and therefore required a cooperative team who would work alongside wider interior fit out works. Offering end-to-end project management, this was something we were only too happy to accommodate.

During our initial consultation, we identified a potential challenge. The glass walls needed to be installed at the top of a staircase, posing logistical challenges that other glass installers typically shy away from. Armed with years of experience, we embraced this as an opportunity to put our skills into practice, sourcing an appropriate plan of action before heading to site to allow for a smooth installation process.

The Solution

For this project, we installed banded glass partitioning (also known as framed glass) using safety toughened glass for added durability and security. This choice not only met the functional needs of our client’s environment, but also contributed to their desired aesthetics. Banded glass, distinguished by its black framework, had a striking appearance against our client’s minimalist interior scheme. Contrasting softer tones with sharp, clean lines like those on our framed glass walls infused a modern touch into the renovation.



Integrated within this was a sliding glass door, featuring a smart Guardsman handle in a contemporary black (RAL 9005). The details on their glazed door matched the partitioning tracks and complemented the overall minimalist aesthetic.

Minimalist interior design and glass go hand in hand. The clean lines and simplistic principles incorporated within this interior scheme go perfectly with the transparency of glass. Glass partition walls, particularly when framed with black banding, add visual interest without overwhelming the space, making this the ideal solution for our client’s project.

Whether you’re looking to create a minimalist aesthetic or explore other design possibilities, we offer a range of glazed partitioning solutions. Our team are here to help bring your vision to life – we encourage you to get in touch to discuss your project requirements today, with no obligations. Take the first step towards your dream space, contact our team today.

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