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Our recent case study is a perfect example of how our glass manifestations can be a tasteful addition to your new workspace. Check it out!

Glass Wall Manifestation in London

The Challenge

For our recent glass partitioning installation, we headed to London to help our client separate work areas within their building.

The brief was to separate the reception area from the main office. Our client was keen to maximise the amount of natural light that was brought in to keep their interiors bright and spacious. The glass partitioning installation needed to be fixed on top of a small staircase, with the help of experts to shape the glass smoothly around large trunking without compromising on quality.

As part of a health and safety precaution, the glass partitioning needed a manifestation to indicate that it was there. The challenge lay in finding the perfect design that suited the client’s vision.

The Solution

For some glass partitioning projects, glass manifestations are a legal requirement to prevent individuals from colliding with the glass. The requirements vary depending on your glazed system, but are generally needed with the following features:

  • If your glass partitions measure over 400mm between frames
  • If you have a frameless glass door
  • If your glass partitions are not easily identifiable

At Glass Partitioning UK, we’ve helped many of our clients get creative with glass partitioning manifestations. Along with more standard designs, we’re able to take bespoke graphics and turn them into an unforgettable masterpiece.

In this project, the client decided on our standard DDA Dots. This glass graphic is subtle, with a sophisticated design.

After taking accurate measurements to ensure the glass partitions were made to fit over the client’s skirting board, this project was fairly straightforward. Our fitters visited on a day convenient to our client and fixed a glass partition wall into silver tracks. This was then completed with a frameless glass door, with silver ironmongery for a professional finish.

After installing the glass partitioning, we then applied the glass manifestation. The DDA Dots subtly demarcate the glass wall without compromising on the volume of light that can be brought in. This meant our client’s new glass partitioning was compliant, but also met their objective of keeping their workspace bright and airy.

Like what you see? For help with your glass partitioning installation, contact our experts today. We also offer free, instant quotes to give you an indication of project costs before we get started.

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