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Our client wanted bespoke frosting added to their glass partition. At GPUK, we can turn your designs into an eye-catching manifestations.

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The Challenge

Our client, based in Buckinghamshire, was looking for a glass partitioning company that could install high quality glass partitioning with a unique request: a bespoke glass manifestation design.

This project challenged us to provide a customisable glass partitioning solution. In particular, the client was interested in investing money in incorporating company branding throughout their interior designs. Their new glass partitions were a sophisticated solution to do so.

The Solution

At Glass Partitioning UK, we love working closely with our clients to take their glass manifestation designs and bring them to life.

Whilst glass graphics are a legal requirement on certain partitions, brought in to prevent accidents occurring in the workplace, they also pose a fantastic design opportunities for creative businesses looking to leave a lasting impression. Our team are able to take most designs and turn them into attractive, eye-catching interior features.

Along with the installation of the glass partitions, this project required the application of a frosted glass manifestation that printed the company’s bespoke branding onto the glass panels. This was a unique design that the client submitted to our team.

As well as inspiring staff with company culture and instilling confidence in any visitors, the frosted element of the glass stick provided an element of visual privacy into the client’s new glass meeting room.

We completed the project on time and within the client’s budget requirements, leaving their workplace with a unique glass partitioning that boasted that ‘wow’ factor.

For more advice on the requirements of your glass partitions, or to discuss adding a bespoke glass manifestation design to your partitions, please contact our team of experts today.

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We work with a range of brands from tech start-ups, to government & education.

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