How We Overcome Challenging Glass Partitioning Installations

Turning “impossible” into “I’m possible”.

Whilst other glass partition installers may throw the towel in at the first sign of difficulty, we love a challenge! From uneven ceilings to retrofitting into historic buildings, our experience and team of glass experts means we deliver high quality solutions to the most tricky of installations.

Glass Raking

Thinking Outside the Box: Slanted Ceilings and Brick Walls

The Challenge

When our client approached us, they presented an interesting challenge that they thought was impossible. Their workplace had a high, industrial ceiling with a slant, leaving no solid structure for glass partition walls to fix to. In addition to this, they also had brick walls where their glass partitioning needed to sit. There were therefore concerns that their glass wouldn’t sit flush and the overall quality of their glass office would be compromised.

The Solution

Despite their initial concerns, we tackled this project head on. With years of industry experience, we were determined to provide our client with a high end solution so that they could achieve a workplace they’ve always dreamed about.

Despite the building’s existing architectural limitations, we first began by installing corner, top and diagonal strong posts. This created a stable structure that would provide the glass with enough support, even in the absence of a traditional ceiling.

We then addressed the uneven brickwork by installing timbers. A level surface was therefore created that we could attach the perimeter tracks to, resolving any concerns about irregularities and compromised quality of their glass partitioning installation. This also ensured there weren’t any gaps where sound could escape and compromise the acoustic performance (and therefore privacy) of their new glass office.

Glass Office Installation

Uncorking a Successful Glass Wine Cellar


Our client’s space posed a challenge as their existing ceiling had multiple angles. To an inexperienced team, this would make a traditional glass partitioning installation seem difficult.

Luckily, with years of experience and a deep passion for what we do, we helped our client overcome their initial concerns about the quality of their project, delivering an optimal, cost-effective solution.

In addition to this, the client also required a tight seal on their glass partition walls to regulate ventilation – a key feature that was vital to maintaining the quality of their glass wine cellar.


We began the project by templating the complex angles of the ceiling. We used a piece of plywood to ensure each angle template was accurate, leaving no room for errors or gaps. The plywood template was then used to carefully cut the partitioning track to match the exact angles required. It guaranteed an airtight seal to keep those wine bottles chilled and achieve the perfect glass partition installation.

Glass Partitioning Installation Challenge

What To Do With No Ceiling Support


Our client was looking to update their large healthcare environment. They asked our experts for help to fit a frosted glass divider to provide privacy for patients and the waiting room – the only issue is that their workplace didn’t have a suspended or plasterboard ceiling.

Without a solid structure to attach the glass partitioning tracks to, their new glazed divider would have no support or stability.


We’ve installed many glass partitions for healthcare spaces. From hygiene issues to building structure challenges, we were therefore well-equipped with the knowledge and skill to help our client with their concerns about their installation.

We began the project by installing horizontal and vertical strong posts. These were strategically positioned to support the weight of the glass panels. By fixing them securely to the floors and walls, we created a strong framework that provided the necessary support for the glass partitions and eliminated the need for them to attach to the building’s existing soffit.

Once the glass walls were in place, we added a frosted manifestation. This provided visual privacy to the newly divided spaces, and allowed light to reach into each without compromising on the modern style.

Dentist Glass Partitioning

Reaching New (Ceiling) Heights


In this project, our client was faced with the challenge of high ceilings. The usual height meant they couldn’t install a standard, single pane of glass as the standard partitions wouldn’t have enough support to be considered safe and reliable.
Despite this, they were determined to use glass partitions as the ideal material to allow more light throughout their divided workspace. Concerned about the feasibility of their project, they turned to our team for help.


Once again, we turned to our reliable strong posts to help our client achieve their end goal. These posts were positioned to provide essential support and stability for an installation height that surpassed the standard 3.2 m. This meant our client could still install glazed walls within their workplace to maximise reach of light, without compromising on overall partitioning design. Their glazed partition installation was then carried out with minimal disruptions and to a high quality.

Banded Glass Installation

How to Overcome High Ceilings With a Budget


Another client faced the challenge of a high ceiling in their workplace that exceeded the standard height for a glass partitioning installation. This standard height exists to ensure that the glass walls are fully supported and stable. On top of this, our client was working with budgetary constraints which limited their ability to invest in additional costs for more glass to accommodate their high ceilings.


To address these challenges and find a quick and easy solution for our client, we suggested a cost-effective yet high quality option: to build a bulkhead.

The bulkhead was constructed from plasterboard and used to lower the height of the existing ceiling surface. The glass partitions could then be attached securely. Plasterboard is a cost-effective solution that lowers the overall expense of alternatively using glass. By combining this with the glass, however, they were still able to achieve that desired, luxurious finish.

Banded Glass Install

Installing Glass Walls Around a Window Sill


In this project, our challenge was to install glass partition walls around existing window sills. Our client’s goal was to use as much glass as possible to achieve a concise and modern look in their commercial space.


To combat this challenge, we first created a template using plywood. This allowed us to determine accurate and precise angles around the window sill that we could then use as a guide to cut the partition tracks and ensure a seamless fit.

We then used additional tracks to pack out the space where the track directly met the glass, achieving our client’s concise and modern appearance with minimal disruption to their project delivery and costs.

Challenging Installation

Overcoming Sloped Ceilings With Raking


Our client’s workplace had an angled ceiling that sloped down. Whilst this unique architectural feature added character to the space, it complicated the installation process of a glass office. The irregular angle was seen as a significant obstacle that required an experienced team to help overcome.


Our first step to help our client overcome this challenge and achieve their dream workspace was to create another template from plywood. This allowed us to accurately decipher the angle of their sloped ceiling. The template was then used as a guide to ensure that their glazed partitions were cut to match the exact angle of their sloping ceiling.

By ensuring that the glass walls were made to measure when they arrived on site, we removed the possibility of any hiccups or disruptions during our client’s installation process, saving them time, expenses and ensuring a high quality result.

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