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Glass Partitioning Case Studies

Take a peek at some of our latest glass partitioning installations.

From cat cafés to golf courses, we offer glass for any environment. With options including single glazed and double glazed systems, you’re sure to find some inspiration for your next project.

Personalised Glass Partitioning

The Challenge

We faced the task of dividing an open-plan office into two separate rooms and creating a designated recreational area as part of a renovation project in Essex. Our client, NDC Tek, had a specific vision in mind, requesting a bespoke glass manifestation that featured their company logo on the new glass office.

The Solution

To ensure a successful installation, we managed every step of the process, ensuring swift delivery and staying within the budget.

We started by carefully fixing the tracking to the floor, ceiling and walls, using Anthracite Grey tracks (RAL 7016). The glass partition walls were then installed, creating a modern finish that kept in line with the existing open-plan design. To complete the installation, we added a matching framed glass door.

Once the glass partitions were in place, we applied the bespoke manifestation. While this is often a safety requirement, it also serves as an opportunity for creativity. Our client chose to incorporate their vibrant company logo onto the glass walls, infusing their workspace with their brand identity. The finished result? A truly unique and engaging workplace.

The Secret to Optimising Small Spaces

The Challenge

Like many of our projects, our client in Cambridge wanted to create designated work areas within their office. The catch was that the room they wanted to divide was relatively small. It was crucial for us to deliver a solution that didn’t isolate employees in this area from the rest of the office.

We saw this as an opportunity to showcase our expertise in designing functional workspaces that meet our client’s needs. Our glass is perfect to maximise natural light and create an open atmosphere, just as our client desired.

The Solution

A cost-effective solution for our client was our 10mm safety toughened glass. We installed a single panel of glass into a white perimeter track (RAL 9010). To maintain a consistent aesthetic, we fitted a framed glass door with matching white features for the entrance into the new office. Doors can sometimes compromise sound insulation, but in this case, the framework provides extra protection. For added security, the glass door has a lockable silver handle.

With the installation complete, our client now enjoys the numerous benefits of their new glass partitioning: increased natural light, improved employee wellbeing and a sleek, sophisticated look.

The Purr-fect Glass Cat Café

The Challenge

After rescuing a few felines from North Africa, our client embarked on an exciting project establishing a new cat café. This unique establishment in Cambridge would serve food and drink, including pet-friendly options, while also providing customers with the opportunity to spend time with the cats. The ultimate goal was to find their furry residents a forever home, making it crucial to create an environment that fostered strong connections between visitors and the cats.

To bring this vision to life, we helped separate areas within the café. One section was dedicated to the cats, ensuring their comfort and wellbeing, while the other provided a cosy space for customers to enjoy a mug of coffee and a slice of cake. Our choice of glass partitions was perfect to allow customers to observe the cats from the café area.

The Solution

Single glazed glass partitioning proved to be an affordable choice for our client that promised a high end finish. The transparency of the glass allows café customers to watch the animals while upholding sanitation and hygiene standards.

To ensure optimal airflow between the two areas, the glass partitions were designed to extend ¾ of the way up to the ceiling. This configuration provided structural stability with two pillars secured to the partitioning.

In addition to the glass walls, we carefully installed a single glazed glass door. The design of this system was incredibly important to prevent any furry escapees. Equipped with a self-close hinge and inward opening mechanisms, the door remains securely closed when not in use.

The final result was purrrfect (sorry, we couldn’t resist). The café met all our client’s requirements and created a delightful atmosphere for both humans and animals.

Unlocking Productivity Potential in Meetings

The Challenge

Our client, a London-based company, recently relocated to a stylish new office space. Seeking our expertise, they presented us with the exciting challenge of creating a meeting room that complemented the building’s existing features, including timber floors and exposed brick walls. Our client wanted the new work space to have a modern/industrial interior design.

Aesthetics weren’t the only concern. Given the nature of their business, our client required enhanced acoustic performance. This was crucial to facilitate private meetings and enable staff to concentrate on their work without noise interruptions.

The Solution

Enter our banded glass partitioning. The industrial framed glass partitions have an aluminium framework that envelopes the partition’s perimeter. The UVPC bars intersecting across the glass panels added a distinct finish. While black was our client’s colour of choice, we also offer a range of framework colours to cater to different tastes. The contrast created against the building’s existing architecture is striking.

To ensure optimal sound control, we took extra care framing the full-length glass door in the meeting room. Although complete soundproofing is not attainable, the fixed glass significantly reduces noise transference between the meeting room and the main office. For more in-depth advice, read our Acoustics Guide or detailed article.

Our team delivered an affordable yet highly effective solution, creating a visually appealing and functional division in the meeting room while enhancing the overall work environment.

An A* Installation: Glass Dividers in Educational Settings

The Challenge

Working in the educational sector, our client in Kent was keen to optimise their workplace to better support their students and staff. For this project, budget constraints were a significant factor in the decision-making process. With a focus on strict adherence to guidelines and minimal disruption to studies, our client turned to our glass experts for help.

The Solution

Our fitters are DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked. This provided our client with peace of mind regarding student safety and allowed us to proceed with the project promptly, without delays or concerns.

We began by installing secure and straight white tracks (RAL 9010) to hold the glass partitioning in place. We also framed the glass door and added silver, stainless steel Guardsman handles to achieve a polished finish.

The end result was a series of glass classrooms that formed an optimal learning environment. Our glazed glass partitions offer numerous benefits from increased natural light to improved acoustics, making them ideal for educational buildings. Our client was pleased with the A* installation we delivered.

Overcoming Common Installation Challenges

The Challenge

Our client in Gateshead wanted to refurbish their office by adding a meeting room with a front-facing glass wall. Their aim was to create a modern space, flooded with natural light.

Through a technical survey, we discovered a potential hurdle during the installation process. The glass partitions needed to be installed across a suspended ceiling, which posed a challenge in maintaining the strength and structure of the glass.

Drawing on our expertise, we created a plan to overcome this challenge while ensuring a seamless installation. We coordinated with our client to schedule a fitting date at their earliest convenience and promptly headed to Gateshead to commence work.

The Solution

In order to ensure a secure and long-lasting glazed glass partitioning installation, we took the necessary step of constructing bulkheads prior to the glass walls.

For this particular project, we used single glazed glass partitioning, crafted from 10mm thick safety toughened glass. This choice proved to be ideal for our client’s requirements as it not only fell within their budget, but also provided a sophisticated finish and good acoustic protection for their new meeting room.

Following the installation of the glass partitions, we proceeded to fit a frameless glass door. This door, made from a single sheet of glass, sat flush with the rest of the glass office. To add a touch of elegance, we added stainless steel D handles and a hydro side opening hinge to ensure smooth operation.

At every stage, we prioritised our client’s needs. We’re delighted to have exceeded their expectations and receive complete satisfaction with the final results – a bright and spacious glass meeting room.

Glass Partitioning: The Cornerstone of the Modern Workplace

The Challenge

Stylish and functional, this project placed a strong emphasis on the office’s interior design. The client, located near London Bridge, reached out to our team for help installing glass partitions within their current workspace.

The brief was simple: create an on-trend solution that complements their modern/industrial interior style. Like many of our clients, they also wanted to maximise natural light to create an energised and productive environment for their employees.

Although the installation presented obstacles due to the building’s uneven, exposed brick walls, our extensive experience allowed us to tackle to task with ease. Our glass experts knew precisely what was required for a seamless glass partitioning installation.

The Solution

The first step in crafting our client’s new glass office was selecting the ideal partitioning. After careful consideration, we decided on framed, single glazed glass partitions. 

To overcome the uneven surfaces, we skillfully installed drywall nibs onto the exposed brick walls. This absorbed any irregularities, resulting in a smooth and level surface, ready for the single glazed glass.

We introduced a black framework to achieve the desired aesthetic. This not only complemented the building’s existing architectural features but also added an industrial finish. The framed partitions successfully divided the workspace, offering employees the privacy they need without compromising the open and collaborative nature of the office.

Map Manifestation: Bespoke Glass Partitioning

The Challenge

Glass manifestations, also known as glass graphics or film, are a legal requirement for certain partitions for safety reasons. While some may worry these stickers make the glass less transparent, we see them as an excellent opportunity for creative expression.

Aside from offering standard manifestation designs, we love it when our clients come to us with their own ideas. We transform their designs into stunning glass films that serve various purposes, like adding visual privacy, showcasing company branding or simply making a glass partition stand out.

This project in Manchester is a prime example of how a glass manifestation can become a show-stopping design feature. Our client had a unique idea that we were incredibly excited to get started with.

The Solution

We began by installing internal glass partition walls to create separate work areas. To ensure safety, we used 12mm thick safety toughened glass.

To add an extra touch of flair, we applied a bespoke glass manifestation. Our client chose two designs: our standard DDA Dots and a unique map design. This custom manifestation became a focal point in the office’s interior design. The manifestation was applied during the manufacturing process to ensure seamless integration with the glass walls.

With the project now completed, the bespoke glass manifestation stands as a remarkable testament to our client’s vision. Through close collaboration, we transformed their ideas into a truly exceptional workspace.

Teeing Up: Glass Partitioning in Pandemic-Era Golf Clubs

The Challenge

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our client from Southern Valley Golf Course wanted to adapt their premises to make it a safe environment for visitors. We could go into more detail, but we think our client couldn’t have put it better themselves:

“Owing to the situation with the COVID-19 virus, we had to rethink how we were using the existing spaces we had in the Clubhouse. We lost our entire pipeline of bookings for weddings, parties and end-of-life celebrations and therefore had an empty function room.

Our main bar area is relatively small and, with all the social distancing requirements, it made sense to use all of the combined footprint so that we could separate the tables to meet Government regulations. 

I took the opportunity to brighten up both of those areas of the Clubhouse to turn it into a more cohesive, bright and modern looking area. The use of glass partitions and doors to replace the old wooden folding doors that separated the two main areas made perfect sense and fitted with the overall theme.

I chose Glass Partitioning UK after a thorough search online. The website gave me all of the information that I wanted and quickly gave me an idea of the cost involved.”

  • Mike Sim, Managing Director of Southern Valley Golf Course

The Solution

Our team installed single glazed glass partitioning between the two areas of the Southern Valley Golf Club. The glazed glass doors used a considered design where 180-degree hinges were added so that the glass doors could open in either direction – making for a more sanitary approach. Additionally, we fixed minimalist square handles that provided a sleek and modern touch to the overall design (plus, it was a material that was incredibly easy to clean).

Once finished, our client had the following to say:

“I found working with Glass Partitioning UK to be very satisfying – dealing with professionals who knew what they were talking about without any additional sales pressure. The technicians who came to do the site survey were pleasant, helpful and efficient in giving me immediate answers to my questions on how the system originally quoted could be adapted to fit my exact requirements.”

We’re proud to have been able to create a safe environment for our client’s business to continue to thrive, despite the effects of the pandemic.

Whether you’re looking for glass partitioning for the home or the office, we’re here to help. For a quick idea of how much your project will cost, please fill out our instant quote tool.

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