Glass Walls for Hospitality

Glass walls aren’t only for corporate offices. Businesses in the hospitality industry are building modern workplaces with glass partitioning. From restaurants to hotels, its contemporary finish can attract customers and create a positive experience in your workplace.

Depending on your requirements, there are various types of glass dividing walls available. Our popular glass partitions for hospitality include:

What is Glass Partitioning?

Glass partitions are glazed glass panes used to divide rooms. They are non-load bearing and compatible with other partitions and doors. Offering many benefits, they’re a popular alternative to solid partitioning.

“What are some of those benefits?”, we hear you ask. Read on to discover how glass partition walls could enhance your space.

Glass Partitions for Hotels

Would you want to stay in a dark and dull hotel? We’re guessing not. For hotels, interior design is pivotal. Not only does it play a large role in your guests’ experience, but it can also reflect on your business’s reputation.

Banded Glass Partitioning

Whether you’re refurbishing your hotel lobby or the guest rooms, glass divider walls can create a bright, spacious place and benefit your business.

  • Interior Design – When used in certain commercial interior designs, glass can add a contemporary twist. Upgrading your hotel with glass partitioning reflects the modernity of your business and adds to your aesthetics.
  • Natural Light – Interior glass walls optimise natural light to illuminate your hotel’s interiors. This can also connect visitors with nature, creating a relaxing effect.
  • Wellbeing – Natural light also impacts wellbeing. For one, it can improve sleep by influencing your circadian rhythm (, Dec 2022) so your guests leave well rested. It can also impact factors like vitamin D intake and SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

Glass Partitions for Restaurants 

Much like a hotel, your restaurant partition design will influence your interior scheme. A restaurant not only needs to consider its food, but the overall dining experience from sights, smells and sounds. If done right, it can encourage word-of-mouth marketing.

Black Banded Glass Partitioning
  • Glass ManifestationsGlass manifestations are a great way to incorporate branding into your interior design. Get creative with unique designs to give your restaurant more ambience.
  • Acoustics – Acoustic glass partitions provide better sound control so that your customers can converse with each other around the table.
  • Flexibility – Struggling to keep pace with new interior trends? Whilst glass is timeless, demountable glass restaurant partitions help you stay ahead of the curve. This system is easy to install and remove, should you need to relocate or switch up your design.

Glass Partitions for Cafés 

From cat cafés (one of our favourite projects) to cosy coffee shops, glass divider walls offer both practicality and style.

Glass Partitioning | Cat Café
  • Maximised Space – The transparency of glass encourages light and gives the illusion of maximised space. For many cafés, this is the perfect solution to divide needed work areas without making this cramped.
  • Hygiene – Hygiene standards are important in cafés, restaurants and more. Without them, your business could close. Glass partitioning for cafés not only have a bright and clean appearance but are easy to wipe down at the end of the day.
  • Value for Money – Glass café partitions offer great value for money. For one, it can cut energy bills from reduce artificial lighting. They’re also easy to install and relocate, saving you money on a new system should you decide to move.

Glass Partitions for Leisure Centres 

Many leisure centres are realising the benefits of glass partitioning for their workplace. Whether used for spectating or an internal glass office, there are systems to suit different requirements.

Frameless Glass Partition Walls
  • Durability – Depending on your needs, we can install different types of glass walls. For example, laminated glass will hold shape upon impact to prevent sharding, whereas safety toughened glass is stronger and less likely to break. For advice on the best type of partitioning for your space, we encourage you to contact our team.
  • Practicality – Glass can be extremely practical in leisure environments. Often, it’s used to separate observers whilst they spectate an activity without visual obstructions.
  • Privacy – Despite beliefs, glass partition walls can offer visual privacy. In changing rooms or internal offices, we recommend frosted manifestations to create a private space without compromising on light.

Glass Partitioning for Hospitality

So, why us? We have years of experience in the commercial interiors industry. During this time, we’ve helped many businesses in the hospitality environment to transform their workplace. Our team have the knowledge to specify, supply and install the best system unique to your space, at the very best price.

To discuss your project, please fill out our contact form.

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