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Maximising Natural Light with Frameless Glass

The Challenge

Our client in Surrey had an open-plan office and wanted to create two separate work areas using frameless glass walls. Like many of our clients, they were particularly drawn to glass partitions due to their ability to maximise natural light and the positive impact this has on the office environment.

The objective was to deliver an affordable, high quality solution that added a touch of luxury to the workplace.

The Solution

We installed safety toughened glass that measured 12mm thick. These sleek office walls bring a sense of modernity to the workspace, all while ensuring an optimal amount of light flows in. This, in turn, offers a number of benefits to their employees, from increased productivity to enhanced mental wellbeing.

The two glass offices sit side by side, sharing a glass wall. This smart design choice meant we were able to save our client additional costs on materials and labour. The glass doors have a white aluminium framework and sturdy, stainless steel level latches, providing both security and style.

Our client’s team is thrilled with the final result. They now enjoy their bright, spacious glass offices.

Empowering Employees Through Office Design

The Challenge

To boost productivity and foster engagement, our client in Leicestershire recognised the need to partition multipurpose work areas. The vision was to create a dynamic environment that empowers employees to choose when and where they work best.

Determined to turn that vision into a reality, we recommended a partitioning solution that matched their existing interiors. As their workplace was smaller, our frameless glass was the perfect option to optimise the room and make the most of the space.

The Solution

Glass partitioning is an ideal choice for businesses looking to create a minimalist office design. Our glazed walls were carefully installed in our client’s office, maintaining the flow of natural light throughout. The result was a refreshing and spacious atmosphere that gives the illusion of a larger work area.

We used single glazed glass partitions (10mm thick) fixed into silver tracks and added a matching single glazed glass door. This door, hung from the right side of the partitioning, swings both ways for convenience.  As practicality was also a priority, we added a self-closing feature. Adding stainless steel hinges and a Guardsman handle as the finishing touches, we successfully transformed our client’s space into a clean and contemporary office.

Optimising Small Spaces with Frameless Glass

The Challenge

Our London client faced a challenge: they needed a dedicated workspace within their office meetings, focused tasks and collaborative get-togethers. Given the limited available space, the office reconfiguration required a creative solution that maximised space whilst maintaining a clean and open aesthetic.

The Solution

Glass partitions were perfect to address our client’s requirements. By installing 12mm thick glazed walls with white tracks (RAL 9010), we created a frameless finish. To further functionality, we also integrated a frameless glass door into the partitioning system. Furnished with a lever latch handle in a corporate silver and a lock for added security, the door provided convenient access as well as desired privacy.

The outcome was a successful installation that created two spacious and fully functioning offices that offered our client’s team the flexibility they desired. Impressed with our work, the client has since approached us for assistance with another project. Stay tuned for more details.

The Contemporary Boardroom

The Challenge

With grand ambitions for their workplace, our client in Coventry reached out to our experts for help. The scope of the project involved creating a central boardroom that would cater to both formal and informal meetings. It was our job to help them bring this vision to life.

The Solution

When we first embarked on this project, we faced the daunting task of working with bare brick walls. This poses a challenge due to the uneven surface, however, our team skillfully crafted a smooth surface over this, serving as the perfect canvas for the glass partitioning installation. These partitions, made from safety toughened glass, not only added a contemporary twist to the office, but also encouraged plenty of natural light to floor the workspace.

Next, we carefully fitted a frameless glass door, complete with silver hinges, handles and a secure lock. Our client can now rest assured knowing their glass boardroom is safe and secure.

DDA Dots were then applied as an essential safety measure. These glass manifestations act as a visual guide from staff, preventing any accidential collisions with the glass. While DDA Dots are a popular design, we also offer custom options to make your workplace truly one-of-a-kind.

Open & Private Meeting Rooms: The Best of Both Worlds

The Challenge

Simplicity, elegance and cost efficiency. Our client had a clear vision for their office space but were struggling to find a solution that wouldn’t compromise the openness and connectivity. 

After surveying their site in Essex, we assessed their requirements and identified any potential installation challenges such as the cable trunking along the existing wall. By spotting these obstacles early on, we ensured a smooth and hassle-free experience for our client during installation.

The Solution

To meet our client’s requirements, we used single glazed glass, measuring 12mm thick. This choice provided an affordable yet high end, frameless finish.

Our skilled fitters installed the glass into white tracks (RAL 9010), successfully working around the trunking. We applied DDA Dot manifestations across the glass panels, extending the design to the frameless glass doors. To enhance privacy, one section of the glass featured a full frosted manifestation that hindered visual access into the room without compromising on light.

With the project now completed, our client enjoys the flexibility of multiple glass offices, all achieved at an affordable price point.

Fitting a Frameless Glass Corner Room

The Challenge

Our client’s workplace demanded a smart solution to fit glass walls around a corner, making the most of available space. They had a vision of a sleek, professional workspace and we were determined to deliver. 

To achieve the desired aesthetic, glass emerged as the ideal material for partitioning. Once we had the project details mapped out, we wasted no time and headed to Kent to begin the installation.

The Solution

We kicked off by installing black perimeter tracks, delivering the polished look our client desired. Leveraging our expertise, we seamlessly fitted frameless glass partitions around the corner angle of the room. The glass panels have a frameless appearance thanks to the clear joint system. Lastly, we added a frameless glass door with a self-closing hinge and inward opening system.

The end result was an immaculate, minimalist frameless glass corner office. Despite the new construction, natural light still flooded through the glass panes and illuminated the entire office space.

Frameless Glass Doors

The Challenge

In North London, we came across the challenge of dividing separate work areas in our client’s previously open-plan office. As glass experts, we knew we could handle the task but needed to find a way to install matching glass doors that were lockable and kept project costs in check.

The Solution

We successfully installed 10mm thick glass partitions to create a modern office space. These glass walls were held in place by white tracking, giving them a professional finish.

As industry leaders, we found high quality glass doors that met our client’s budget constraints. We opted for frameless glass doors, equipped with a secure locking feature and self-closing hinge for privacy and convenience. The door seamlessly matches the glazed glass partitions, maintaining a consistent 10mm thickness.

Thanks to our glass experts, our client enjoys two contemporary glass offices. The frameless glass walls and doors blend into the open-plan design while providing the necessary separation to accommodate different working styles.

On Display: Frameless Glass Showroom

The Challenge

Incorporating our glazed glass partitions was just one way our client in Oxford was looking at refurbishing their workplace. They reached out to our team for help with the installation. Their selected glass system would play a pivotal role in creating a stunning glass showroom that would motivate staff and leave a lasting impression on any visitors.

The Solution

With our extensive experience spanning several decades in the industry, we’ve refined our internal processes to ensure a seamless journey for our clients towards achieving their dream glass office.

For this particular project, we used safety toughened glass partitions, boasting a thickness of 12mm. These were fitted into silver (RAL 9006) tracks on the existing carpet without damage or interference with our client’s “business as usual”.

Adding the finishing touches, we installed a frameless glass door with silver 600 D door handles, perfectly complementing the glass partitioning tracks. The end result was a frameless finish that aligned perfectly with our client’s interior vision. The transparency of the glass fostered an open and connected workspace.

Creativity in Frameless Glass Meeting Room

The Challenge

Faced with a large, open office space, our client in Sussex was deciding on the perfect partitioning system to divide areas. They had a vision of creating a modern glass meeting room that would foster collaboration and inspire creativity among their team. Additionally, they were keen to take advantage of the natural light that streamed in through the windows on one side of the office.

To accomplish this, our client needed a dependable team that could deliver their project on time, especially since the glass partitioning installation was just one aspect of a larger interior fit out project.

The Solution

We began by securely fixing black tracks to ensure proper alignment of the glass partitions. Thanks to our technical surrey, we were able to fit the partitions around existing trunking without any setbacks or additional costs.

Next, we installed frameless glass partitions, as per our client’s preference for a contemporary look. To ensure safety, we added DDA Dots as manifestations to make the glass walls visible and prevent potential collisions.

Our team worked diligently to complete the frameless glass meeting room on schedule, coordinating with the external fit out work.

End-to-End Glass Partitioning Installation

The Challenge

Our client’s workspace was undergoing a full renovation. As part of this transformation, they needed reliable experts in glass partitioning to bring their dream to life and ensure the project stayed on track.

The goal was clear. They wanted to introduce glass partitions to divide their office space, fostering creativity and flexibility for their team – but, they needed a comprehensive solution that fit their tight project schedule.

The Solution

For this frameless glass installation in London, we used safety toughened glass that measured 12mm thick. This tempered glass offered exceptional strength as well as long-lasting durability. The dark grey (RAL 7016) tracks perfectly complement the glass, creating a modern look.

Installing our glass partitions was the first step in transforming their office. The influx of natural light through the space instantly elevated the interiors. This revitalised environment will undoubtedly enhance the wellbeing and productivity of our client’s team.

To complete the project, we installed a frameless glass door, complete with a stainless steel handle, level latch lock and self-closing mechanism. With these finishing touches, our client’s vision became a beautiful reality.

Energising Spaces: A Frameless Glass Gym

The Challenge

Ninja Warrior is a popular leisure area with one centre located in Staffordshire. Here, the team were looking to install an ideal partitioning system, designed for their leisure environment. Understanding their unique requirements, we proposed a glazed system that promises high impact resistance and a modern design.

Since the glass needed to be installed around a platform with a drop, our skilled fitters devised a detailed plan to ensure a secure and safe installation process.

The Solution

To tackle potential impact, we recommended the use of laminated glass partitions. These partitions have a layer of plastic sandwiched between two glass panes, ensuring that in the event of an impact, they will retain their shape. This will prevent any dangerous shards from falling and causing harm.

Our frameless glass partitions are a perfect fit for our client’s modern interior design, providing a refreshing and motivating atmosphere for their customers. In addition to our glazed glass walls, we also fitted a framed glass door.

Prior to installation, we conducted a technical survey that enabled us to develop a strategic installation plan. This allowed for a safe and hassle-free process. 

Scandi-Inspired Glass Meeting Room 

The Challenge

When you think of a Scandi-inspired workplace, it’s likely you’ll picture something similar to our client’s office in London. With wooden flooring, white walls and plenty of natural light, they had the perfect background for productivity. Despite this, they recognised the need for an additional meeting room.

After contacting our team, we engaged in a detailed discussion to fully understand their requirements. Our client was keen to maintain their interior scheme and keep costs to a minimum.

The Solution

Following a thorough evaluation, we began the installation process. To maintain the minimalist aesthetic our client valued, we used 12mm thick frameless glass partitioning.

Installing glass around trunking can often present a challenge, however, our team have a few tricks up our sleeves to overcome such obstacles. During the technical survey, we identified four separate trunking features along the glass wall perimeter. Precise measurements ensured the glass walls arrived on site in perfect dimensions, fitting flawlessly around the trunking. This saved our client the hassle and expense of subsequent modifications.

Lastly, we installed a 12mm thick frameless glass door which provided exceptional strength and stability.

Finally, we fitted a frameless glass door. This also measured 12mm thick and, despite using only one sheet of single glazed glass, offered great strength and stability. The overall project was quick and affordable. We delivered a clean and luxurious workspace for our client to enjoy.

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