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Acoustic Glass Case Studies

Our premium glass partitioning creates the perfect balance of privacy and collaboration. Whether you’re building a serene home office or private meeting room, take a look through our recent projects for more inspiration.

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Combining Form & Function: Acoustic Banded Glass

The Challenge

Struggling to maintain focus? Needing a quiet space to focus and channel your productivity? Our London client faced these very obstacles due to subpar acoustic control in their workplace.

To tackle these issues head-on, they sought to divide their bustling workplace into distinct zones for different work styles. They needed an acoustic solution that not only performed well, but looked good. Enter our banded glass partitioning – an office divided that merges practicality and creativity.

The Solution

After evaluating our client’s workspace, we recommended the installation of glazed acoustic glass partitioning. To keep costs low, we used single glazed glass, offering a noise reduction of up to 37 dB.

To elevate our client’s interiors, we incorporated black tracks (RAL 9005) to house the acoustic glass, accentuated by 3mm UPVC banding (also RAL 9005) for a captivating windowed effect. The industrial framed glass partitions injected a contemporary style into our client’s workspace, creating a striking contrast against the existing timber beams in the building.

No banded acoustic glass installation would be complete without a modern glass door. To maintain consistency, we added 1.6mm UPVC banding to the door, as well as various ironmongery such as a black drop seal, lever latch lock, self-close hinge and handle – all in a matching black finish.

Creating Privacy in an Open-Plan Office

The Challenge

Our client in Silverstone expressed a desire to maintain the open-plan layout of the office, but recognised the need for a private meeting room to boost their team’s productivity. The designated space was in the centre of the existing office, therefore requiring optimal space utilisation.

Our client also emphasised the significance of acoustics. Open-plan offices can foster collaboration, but often suffer from excessive noise levels. To address this concern, our client sought our expertise to recommend and install effective acoustic partitioning.

The Solution

To meet our client’s acoustic requirements, we installed double glazed acoustic glass partitions. This solution is highly effective in sound insulation, minimising room-to-room sound transfer.

Our experienced installers fitted the glass walls into dark grey (RAL 7016) partitioning tracks, adding a touch of elegance to the office design. Additionally, we installed a 12mm thick safety toughened glass door with an aluminium frame, stainless steel drop seals and D handles.

Our acoustic glass partitioning successfully created a private workspace in our client’s office in Silverstone – perfect for confidential meetings and focused work.

How to Control Noise Across Multiple Work Areas

The Challenge

Our team was presented with an exciting project: creating distinct work zones for the Royal Airforce in Norfolk. One area would be a vibrant breakout space for lunch, while the other would serve as a dedicated meeting room. Our client expressed concerns about potential noise transfer between these zones and turned to our experts for solutions.

During the technical survey, we discovered trunking running across the middle of the wall. This crucial detail was incorporated into our design plans to ensure precise measurements for the acoustic glass panels to fit perfectly.

The Solution

To address noise issues, we used our premium acoustic glass partitioning to effectively minimise sound transference. Despite an additional 0.8mm thickness, acoustic glass walls don’t have any visual differences compared to other glazed partitioning installations we complete.

As our glass partitions arrive on site made to measure, we experienced no disruptions from the trunking; the glass panels fix seamlessly around it for a cohesive and polished finish. For more insight into how we overcome challenges during installation, be sure to check out our latest article.

Following this, we presented the transformed workspace. Gone are their dim and dull office days; our acoustic glass partitioning now encourages natural light to permeate every corner of their building. Not only that, but our specialist glass partitions keep sound disturbances from one work zone from infiltrating the other.

Private Glass Meeting Room

The Challenge

Open-plan offices have their advantages. They also come with their fair share of challenges. While many businesses enjoy their ability to promote collaboration, privacy can be compromised and distractions are a constant issue. Experiencing these obstacles, our client in London took proactive measures to better support their workforce.

The plan was to create a private meeting room for various activities, from corporate conferences to focused tasks. Mindful of maintaining their open-plan office design, they decided glazed partitions were the best way to achieve this.

The Solution

For our client, acoustic glass partitioning was perfect. This high end solution prevents unwanted noise from escaping, while also keeping sound constrained within the meeting room.

We began the project by installing silver (RAL 9006) partition tracks and acoustic glass. To complete the set-up, we incorporated a Fyotto, single glazed glass door, framed in aluminium. The door has a stainless steel lever latch, drop seal and convenient self-close side hinge.

With our seamless installation process, we successfully completed the acoustic glass meeting room within the project timeline. Our client’s team could quickly enjoy the benefits of an improved work environment with enhanced acoustic performance. Needless to say, our client is thrilled with their productive workplace.

Escape the office chaos. Find solace from your noisy family. To discuss our acoustic glass partitioning, reach out to our glass experts today.

Designed for Discretion: Creating Privacy with Glass

The Challenge

In Norfolk, our client needed a private work area within their current office set up to encourage focus and productivity for their employees. This dedicated space aimed to minimise noise distractions, as well as improve confidentiality.

Once again, we found ourselves faced with the challenge of stairs. But, as we hope you know by now, our team of fitters have a few tricks up their sleeves to ensure a seamless installation, no matter what the challenge.

The Solution

The glass used for this project had a thin, acoustic PVB membrane bonded to the surrounding glass panels. It’s this clear membrane that dampens sound vibrations, resulting in a significant reduction in noise levels – perfect for our client’s private space.

Installation was no match for our in-house fitters. Soon, our client had a modern, private workspace where their team could retreat to focus and concentrate, free from any distractions. Plus, the new acoustic glass office provided a panoramic view of the room below, serving as a pretty impressive design element.

Why Acoustics are Key to Employee Wellbeing

The Challenge

Creating a productive and pleasant workplace has a lot to do with acoustics. Our recent project in West London involved improving sound performance to create separate, “soundproof”* offices.
By strategically installing glass office partitions, our client aimed to create a comfortable, engaging environment that would positively impact work quality and employee wellbeing.

Let’s be clear. While achieving a completely “soundproof” office is nearly impossible due to various external factors, we can help you attain the desired acoustic performance to help your space thrive.

The Solution

Our acoustic glass partitions are made for businesses struggling with sound issues. If, like our client, you’re looking for advice on managing noise in your workplace, we recommend perusing our comprehensive Acoustics Guide.

To ensure optimal sound treatment for our client, we paired our acoustic glass with double glazed glass partitioning (12.8mm thick). These fixed glass walls provide an impressive sound insulation rating of up to 46 dB, meaning loud and normal speech are inaudible.

We installed an aluminium framed glass door, equipped with a drop seal. Not only did this create a modern/industrial finish, it sealed potential gaps where noise can escape into adjacent rooms and compromise privacy. The result? A private, comfortable glass meeting room.

Privacy & Comfort: The Ideal Workplace

The Challenge

Acoustics often get overlooked in the workplace, leaving businesses to realise their significance when it’s too late. Countless projects have seen the transformative power of our acoustic glass partitioning, enabling our clients to regain control over their office environment and establish a productive, comfortable space for their team.

An excellent example of this is our recent project in London. Our client reached out for help creating a private workspace. Their goal was to design a breakout area that offered privacy and eliminated noise interruptions from the surrounding office.

The Solution

Our glass experts skillfully installed acoustic glass walls in our client’s space, taking into account the overall workplace dynamics. The process was efficient, causing minimal disruption to the surrounding office environment.

The glazed partition measured 12.8mm thick – slightly larger than our standard options. With that said, the visual difference is hardly noticeable. The increased thickness is a result of the acoustic membrane bonded to bond sides of the glass panes, creating an ideal soundscape for our client’s business. To complete the office partition, we added a framed glass door and drop seals.

To enhance privacy, we applied a glass manifestation. Our client opted for a full-height, frosted band that covered one side of the glass, complemented by DDA Dots on the other side. This thoughtful design choice not only restricts visual access into the room, but also promotes a flow of natural light. For more tips on adding privacy to your glass partitions, read our informative article.

A Simple Solution for Soundproofing

The Challenge 

We were thrilled to take on a new project that would push our boundaries and showcase our expertise. This time, we had the task of installing glass partitioning on the beautiful Isle of Wight. As our first venture in this area, we were eager to show our client what we had to offer.

The project itself was relatively straightforward. Our client needed a small glass partition to divide their office and improve acoustic performance. They were willing to invest in a premium solution to achieve the desired privacy and minimise sound transference between the newly divided rooms.

The Solution

To address issues with noise control, we installed double glazed acoustic glass into silver tracks (RAL 9006). This combination offers exceptional sound insulation, boasting a rating of up to 46 dB.

To further amplify acoustic performance, we added framed double glass doors. Our client specifically requested a smart system that held the door open without the need for props. We also added sleek, silver D handles to complete the modern look.

For safety reasons, we then applied a glass manifestation. While our clients have the freedom to choose a bespoke design for their glass graphics, for this project they opted for DDA Dots. This design not only adds a touch of sophistication, but also ensures the prevention of potential accidents.

A Quiet Welcome: Acoustic Glass Entrance

The Challenge

Acoustics play a pivotal role in creating a pleasant and comfortable work environment. Our client, ABP Food Group in Guildford, recognised this and approach us for help. By leveraging our expertise, we were able to help them create a workspace that optimised day-to-day operations and also maximised their available space.

The Solution

We embarked on a simple glass partitioning installation at the entrance of our client’s building. As it’s the first area visitors and staff see, it was vital to find a stylish solution that left a good first impression.

Our initial step involved fitting black (RAL 9005) glass partitioning tracks around the entrance’s perimeter. Next, we installed the glass partition walls using 10.8m thick acoustic glass.

To minimise noise escaping, we also installed a framed glass door; the framing helps to reduce sound vibrations from transferring through the joins. The office door was finished with modern silver 600 D handles.

With the project now complete, our client’s workforce enjoys a redesigned workspace that boasts exceptional acoustics. The acoustic laminated glass also creates an illusion of a larger space, fulfilling our client’s desire for a more expansive office despite the limited size.

Acoustic Glass Doors & Partitions

The Challenge

Having recently relocated to Manchester, our client needed help dividing their workplace into multiple rooms. They approach our team with specific requirements, needing a solution that would optimise space and create a bright, welcoming work environment to boost employee satisfaction.

In addition to this, they emphasised the need for exceptional acoustic performance throughout the space. The idea was to minimise sound transference and disturbances between the three new glass offices.

The Solution

To the untrained eye, our acoustic glass partitioning looks the same as our other glazed systems. In fact, it features a transparent layer of laminated glass. This innovative design reduces noise reverberations, making it perfect to optimise acoustics in our client’s glass offices.

To accompany the glass walls, we installed three glass doors. By framing these, we gained better control over sound by minimising noise from escaping through the joints. The doors were finished with stainless steel drop seals and lever latch locks.

This project is an excellent example of the importance of glass manifestations when it comes to safety. The DDA Dots (opal manifestation) applied to our client’s glass creates an elegant design, but also ensured clear visibility of the walls to prevent any accidents.

Shh, We’re Recording! Acoustic Glass Studio

The Challenge

When our client reached out for help creating a glass recording studio in London, we knew we had to deliver. As you might expect from this type of environment, achieving high acoustic control was paramount to ensure a good quality of work.

Alongside the challenge of finding a high performing partitioning solution, we were also faced with a few obstacles when it came to installation; the glass partitions needed fitting on top of a mezzanine floor. With no stairs for easy access, it was up to us to find an innovative method to transport the glass panels onto the above platform.

The Solution

Acoustic glass is popular within recording studios due to its exceptional noise control and capabilities. For this project, the partition used single glazed glass that measured 10.8mm thick. It offered our client a sound insulation rating of up to 37 dB so that room-to-room sound transference was minimal. Certain external noises would also be inaudible on the recordings.

Doors are weak points where sound can escape from the studio – but we understand you need to get in and out somehow. We recommend a framed glass door like the one used in our client’s project to prevent noise from infiltrating through the joints.

Despite the initial installation challenges, our team adeptly fitted the acoustic partition walls to our client’s mezzanine floor. Once completed, our client had a glass recording studio that was conducive to producing high quality work with minimal sound disruptions, optimising the success of their projects.

Overcoming Acoustic Issues in Small Offices

The Challenge

Our task was to transform an existing workplace into a private glass office, prioritising acoustic performance to limit disturbances from the surrounding office environment.

Given the limited space in our client’s workplace in London, we had to make the most of every inch. The office also had a challenging thick skirting board that required the expertise of our team to overcome. At Glass Partitioning UK, we pride ourselves on our ability to swiftly and seamlessly tackle such obstacles.

The Solution

Using glass partitioning, we were able to divide smaller workspaces while creating the illusion of spaciousness. This choice proves to be ideal not only for our client, but also for other businesses that prefer an open-plan layout.

Our initial technical survey allowed us to anticipate and address the installation challenges posed by the skirting board. Accurate measurements ensured that the glass was manufactured precisely, resulting in a flawless installation process, without any delays.

To ensure our client’s privacy, we installed acoustic laminated glass partitioning with a thickness of 12.8mm. This premium glass minimises sound disruptions so their team can work undisturbed in their new acoustic glass office.

Addressing the Acoustic Needs of the Warehouse

The Challenge

In Surrey, our client faced a challenge with their warehouse setup. They needed a designated area for private meetings, but didn’t want to compromise the open-plan design.

The aim was to create a space for confidential discussions, all while maintaining the warehouse’s open feel. To achieve this, we proposed glass partitioning, offering our client the best of both worlds.

The Solution

We prioritised privacy by installing acoustic laminated glass. Our premium system provides various levels of sound protection, with single glazed partitions offering up to 37 dB of sound insulation and double glazed partitions up to 46-50 dB. For advice on the best acoustic level for your workplace, make sure you delve into our comprehensive guide.

The warehouse’s acoustic glass partitioning sits in dark grey tracks (RAL 7016) and has a safety toughened glass door. Framework effectively seals the glass doors, minimising sound transfer. 

Our client gained three glass offices in their warehouse. The minimalist and contemporary style not only enhanced the industrial appearance, but also delivers superior acoustic performance, supporting the team’s productivity.

Building an Acoustic Glass Workshop

The Challenge

Our client – a modern, creative company in Stevenage – faced the task of creating separate work areas within their office. They wanted these areas to be versatile and suitable for workshops and activity-based tasks, while also reflecting their unique company culture. We therefore needed to design spaces that were both visually appealing and functional for employees and visitors alike.

The Solution

It became apparent that acoustics played a vital role in our client’s work environment. As a result, we proposed the installation of acoustic glass partitions.

Using satin (RAL 7012) tracks, we fitted the acoustic glass in place. Our skilled fitters ensured precise alignment and stability. To further optimise acoustics, we added two 12mm safety toughened glass doors, framed in aluminium. Both glass doors had stainless steel drop seals, lever latch locks and matching handles.

With the project now complete, our client has a stunning glass workshop that encapsulates creativity and collaboration within its transparent walls. It’s an ideal space for our client’s team to engage in productive and inspiring sessions.

Acoustic Glass: Fostering Focus at Work

The Challenge

We were thrilled to take on a project in the beautiful country of Wales. Here, our client had a specific requirement for a high quality glass solution that would greatly enhance the acoustic performance in their new office space.

This particular project had a unique twist, as our client didn’t need a door – focusing solely on acoustic glass partitioning.

The Solution

To meet our client’s requirements, we installed single glazed acoustic glass partitioning (10.8mm thick). This system boasts an impressive Level 2 acoustic rating, offering up to 37 dB sound reduction from the fixed glass. Conversations had on one side of the glass are now nearly impossible to decipher from the other side. Using a seamless process, we fitted our client’s office partitions into silver tracks, leaving the workspace clean and ready to use.

Since, our client has experienced a number of benefits. Regaining control over noise levels significantly boosted their team’s productivity, fostering an environment for focused work.

The Secret to Workplace Confidentiality

The Challenge

Having a private space is a necessity for most workplaces. The same was true in our latest project for a client in South West London. They needed a divided space where they could escape the hustle and bustle of the main office, as well as host confidential meetings.

The primary concern for our client was acoustics. They were therefore willing to invest more to achieve superior performance and contacted our glass experts to deliver the ideal solution that addressed their acoustic needs and matched their interior design.

The Solution

Before we began installation, we needed to nail the specification for this project. After careful consideration, we settled on the attributes our acoustic glass partitions have to offer.

While completely soundproof glass partitioning is impossible, our acoustic glass does a pretty good job of enhancing privacy. The specialist glass design helps with internal sound absorption, acting as a barrier to prevent external noise vibrations from penetrating through the glass. 

Our fitters completed the project quickly and to the highest standard. Once finished, our client experienced a boost in productivity as their staff are better supported to tackle their daily tasks.

Enhancing Office Privacy with Acoustic Glass

The Challenge

AJE Facades, known for their innovative cladding and full facade offering, faced a common workplace issue at their store in North West London: noise control. As they looked to expand their office space, they needed to find a solution that would address their acoustic challenges.

Working in the construction industry, our client knows the importance of efficiency and quality materials. We discussed their requirements to establish the main objective. That objective? To establish a private office area where their team could engage with customers without interruption.

The Solution

After careful consideration, we concluded on a premium solution: acoustic glass partitioning. This system was manufactured to meet our client’s needs, using single glazed glass as an affordable solution that aligned with their budget requirements. Our fixed acoustic, single glazed glass walls provide their workspace with a standard sound insulation rating of up to 37 dB.

To complement this, we installed a framed glass door. For our clients looking to create a “soundproof” office, we recommend opting for a door with a frame and seals to minimise sound from escaping through the joinings. AJE Facades’ new glass door features a stainless steel drop seal, adding a touch of sophistication.

With the installation of our acoustic glass partitions and door, our client’s workplace has transformed into a haven of focus and productivity.

Controlling Acoustics on a Budget

The Challenge

Like many of our projects, our client in South West London reached out for help creating a private workspace. They were facing acoustic challenges and needed a partitioning solution that contained sound within their office while also keeping external noise out. 

The catch? Our client was working with a smaller budget and turned to our team for help providing an affordable yet effective solution.

The Solution

Once we had fully grasped our client’s requirements, we suggested using acoustic double glazed glass partitioning. Since their new office was in a corner, glass walls were a perfect choice to allow natural light to still flow in.

Our premium, “soundproof” glass partitions are designed to meet high acoustic demands. The clear, PVB membrane bonded to the glass panes adds a subtle 0.8mm thickness and a huge difference in performance. By incorporating double glazed glass partitions, we enhanced sound insulation, preventing sound from penetrating through the glass.

Our glass experts successfully completed the project within the given timeframe and budget.

32 Linear Metre Acoustic Glass Partitioning Installation

The Challenge

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Scotland, we embarked on our most ambitious glass installation to date.

Greener Energy Group required 32 linear metres of glass partitioning to divide their office space. At Glass Partitioning UK, we love a challenge. Whether it’s a small protective screen or full floor-to-ceiling glass partitions, we approach each project with the same care and attention to detail. Needless to say, we couldn’t wait to get stuck into this project.

The Solution

For this project, we installed laminated acoustic glass, ensuring both practicality and safety within the workplace. By incorporating acoustic glass partitions, we created spaces that boast noise reduction of up to 37 dB – ideal for the nature of our client’s business.

Greener Energy Group also requested a bespoke manifestation that integrated their company branding. The result? A professional, engaging environment that captivates employees and leaves a great lasting impression on all visitors. While glass manifestations may be obligatory for certain installations, they also present an exciting opportunity to design something truly remarkable.

Despite the large scale of the project, we completed our client’s glass partitioning installation seamlessly and in time with their external office fit out.

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