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Banded Glass Case Studies

We are attentive to the needs of the workplace to provide stylish and functional glass solutions. Check out this care home case study!


The Challenge

Throughout the pandemic, we are proud to have helped care homes to install protective glass screens and glass partitioning so that visitors see the residents in a safe environment. No matter what sector your business is under, we are able to find appropriate partitioning solutions like this to enhance your workspace’s functionality.

In this particular care home project, the client enquired about using our reliable glass partitions to divide an area in the facility whilst increasing privacy. It was vital, however, that it was easy for residents, staff and visitors to easily access the rooms either side of the glass partition.

The Solution

For this project, we used a banded glass partition that measured 12mm in thickness. This was set in white tracks to match the framework and give a bright and clean appearance. Despite initial perceptions, glass partitioning is able to provide space with essential privacy. In this project, we achieved this by adding a frosted band to the glass panels to increase the visual confidentiality.

Next, our team applied a solution to ensure each room was easy to access; a stay-open overhead closer was installed to the framed glass door which meant it needed to be pulled shut in order for people to close it and would otherwise remain open. This was particularly helpful for the use of wheelchairs as they pass through rooms, as well as for the safety of the elderly residents using the facility.

The finished glass partitioning installation met the requirements of the care home, ensuring the needs of the residents, staff and visitors were accommodated for. The beautiful banded glass partitioning divided rooms with a clean and minimal style, as well as the option for added privacy.

If you have a partitioning project with bespoke needs such as a care home, please get in touch with our team. We are experts in the partitioning industry and have years of experience to source the best solution for your space.

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