Taking the nation by storm: Banded glass partitioning

Banded Glass Case Studies

With a distinct design made from aluminium framework, industrial framed glass partitions add a modern twist to any environment, from boardrooms to bedrooms. Scroll below to enjoy some of our most beautiful glass installations to date.

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Creating Great First Impressions with Banded Glass

The Challenge

In London, our client had a grand vision for their workplace that required the skillset of our glass experts to bring to life. Frustrated by the busy atmosphere in their reception area and lack of defined space, they got in touch for help installing a glass wall.

The primary objective was to create a clear division between the reception desks and main stairs, effectively minimising disruptions and providing a shield of protection for the reception staff. Our client was also keen to find a stylish solution as the reception serves as the first impression visitors have of the company.

The Solution

We designed, supplied and installed our popular banded glass partitioning. This glazed partition features a slim, aluminium framework that securely holds the glass in place. To create the banded effect, intersecting bars are then artfully fitted across the panes. For this project, we used black partitioning tracks and a matching framework for a cohesive look.

To create an unforgettable design, we applied a retro-inspired, reeded glass manifestation across the glazed partition. The film added privacy to the reception while still allowing a generous amount of natural light to flow in.

The end result? A fusion of modern and industrial styles that successfully divides space for our client’s receptionists to focus on tasks, without disturbance caused by the building’s main staircase.

Banded Glass: Creativity & Collaboration

The Challenge

In London, we aimed to improve our client’s workplace by focusing on optimising the overall experience for their staff. A key aspect of the plan involved installing a new meeting room, designed to foster a culture of creativity and collaboration within the team.

The vision was of a sleek glass office that optimised space and promoted seamless workflow and teamwork. Glass partitioning was a brilliant solution that helped our client achieve just this.

The Solution

We wasted no time installing our client’s banded glass partitions. The popular system has a black, aluminium framework that runs around the perimeter of the glass office, intersecting to create horizontal and vertical bands through the middle. Whilst this may sound complex, our skilled team handled the task with precision and without disrupting our client’s office operations.

The banded glass office brought about a newfound flexibility for our client’s team. The dynamic space now serves various purposes, accommodating private meetings, as well as collaborative sessions. The transparency of the glass fosters an open and connected environment that boosts creativity, employee engagement and staff wellbeing. The team now enjoy a modern workspace that perfectly aligns with their company’s core values.

Industrial-Themed Office (with a Modern Twist)

The Challenge

Having recently relocated to London, our client had a vision of an industrial-inspired workspace with a modern twist. They needed a new breakout area that suited their interior style. The task at hand was finding an office partition that met their unique requirements.

The Solution

Our banded glass walls were the perfect fit for our client’s work workplace. The sleek black framework created a distinct windowed effect that beautifully complemented the existing brickwork in the building.

The installation process was fairly smooth sailing. We began by securing a large glass panel into partitioning tracks. Thanks to an initial survey, we were well-prepared to handle any challenges posed by the skirting board and brickwork. Once the glass was in place, our experts assembled the bars across the glass partition wall, achieving that distinctive appearance and defining our client’s new breakout space.

To complete the project, we installed a banded glass door that aligned with the partitioning, elegantly housed in a tidy, aluminium frame.

Adding Character to the Office

The Challenge

Our client in London decided their workplace was in need of a refresh. They were aiming for a more sophisticated finish that would instil pride in their employees and have a lasting impression on visitors.

The challenge was installing a partitioning system into the existing space. Our glass experts needed to work around the metal framework, exposed ceilings, concrete floor and industrial furniture that defined the office’s aesthetic.

The Solution

Known for its retro, ‘Soho’ style, we decided banded glass partitioning was the perfect addition to our client’s office. Not only did this solution efficiently divide work areas, it also added character to the space.

To add the finishing touches, we added a glass manifestation. Our client chose a frosted stripe design, injecting even more personality into their workplace and setting it apart from the crowd. At Glass Partitioning UK, we offer a range of bespoke glass manifestations, as well as standard designs to cater to every client’s needs. For our client’s project, this graphic was the final factor that truly made their workplace their own.

Meeting Project Deadlines: Banded Glass Partitions

The Challenge

For this banded glass partitioning installation, we headed to Essex. Here, our client had recently moved into a new office. They urgently required help dividing separate work areas for their staff to move in. For this project, time was of the essence.

While surveying the site, we identified potential obstacles like trunking and a skirting board. This exemplifies the value of our technical surveys which allow us to supply the glass walls made to measure, avoiding any costly complications later down the line.

The Solution

We kickstarted the project by installing banded glass partition walls. Using the measurements obtained from the technical survey, we ensured the framework fitted seamlessly around the trunking in our client’s office.

Opting for black banding, our client achieved a striking contrast against their white interior scheme. The design extended to the banded glass door, complete with matching black handles and hinges.

With the installation completed well ahead of schedule, our client’s office was ready for furnishing, providing their team with a delightful new workspace to enjoy.

Bespoke Banded Glass Partition Design

The Challenge

Our client’s workplace needed an uplift that wouldn’t only spruce up its appearance, but also give it a modern and industrial finish. Together, we discussed ideas for a custom banded design that would bring the space to life.

The main objective was to create a clear separation between the open corridor and the rest of the workplace while still maintaining a spacious feel. We decided against installing a glass door as it wasn’t necessary for the desired effect.

The Solution

We headed to South West London to fulfil our client’s vision. Here, we installed a banded glass wall with a unique twist. Instead of using standard-sized banded squares, we opted for smaller ones. These were arranged on a glass archway in the middle of the corridor.

The client was keen to have a healthy flow of air and connection to the rest of their workspace, deciding against a standard floor-to-ceiling glazed partition. As stability was still needed from the ceiling in order to support their glass walls, we overcame any installation challenges by extending the main black box post up to the ceiling. This offered the needed support and continued to distinct black framework throughout the design.

Entering the workplace, staff and visitors are greeted by a stunning framed glass entrance. Although the banded partitioning installation didn’t require doors, we shaped the glass around the position of the door, leaving space for individuals to pass through.

Industrial-Framed Glass Partitioning

The Challenge

Our latest project took us to Northampton, where we helped our client transform their workplace.

The scope of the project was clear-cut: our client required a partitioning solution that struck the perfect balance between creativity and practicality. With minimal windows, our mission was to deliver a glazed partition that would maximise the reach of natural light throughout the work spaces.

The Solution

Industrial framed glass proved to be the ultimate fix for our client’s needs. Using 12mm thick safety toughened glass, we successfully created two innovative work areas in our client’s workspace.

To create a modern and industrial look, we incorporated black banded into the glass partitioning design. Complementing this, we fixed black partitioning tracks (RAL 9005) to house the glass. As part of the installation, we added a framed double glass door, complete with black handles and hinges to match the banding (of course).

The end result elegantly divided work zones while ensuring both areas remained bathed in natural light. To learn the positive impact this had on our client’s team, check out our latest article.

The Modern Co-Working Space

The Challenge

The UK witnessed a remarkable shift in the landscape of the office. Enter the scene: co-working spaces. Like our client’s space in London, these serviced offices are all about embracing dynamic work environments and are designed to be bright, modern and cater to a wide range of business needs.

The creative minds at The Fulwood planned to divide a playful meeting room from the bar and catering area in their workplace. They wanted to maintain the building’s quirky interior design while creating a modern and connected meeting space. That’s where we came in, offering the perfect partitioning solution.

The Solution

After consulting with our glass experts, our client decided on banded glass walls. This system provides a high-end finish with a windowed effect, created by UVPC bars across the glass panes.

The banded glass design reflects our client’s approachable and modern business persona. With our expertise, they succeeded in creating a functional meeting room that was flexible for the needs of different businesses, appealing to a wide audience.

Using a streamlined process, we completed the project on time and within budget, ensuring a seamless experience for our client.

Supporting Employee Wellbeing with Glass Partitions

The Challenge

As more and more businesses recognise the importance of wellbeing in the workplace, we’ve seen an increase in enquiries to enhance the work environment. Recently, our client in Hampshire approached our team after hearing about the incredible benefits glass partitions bring. They needed a glass meeting room that would cater to various tasks while ensuring ample natural light.

The Solution

We proposed and installed banded glass partitioning in our client’s workplace. These sleek glass walls feature a modern, black (RAL 9005), aluminium framework, adding a touch of elegance to the space.

What made this project unique was the ¾ height glass partitions. This design choice improved airflow throughout the meeting space, creating a refreshing atmosphere. To complete the glass meeting room, we added a black framed glass door with a stylish lever latch handle. 

The comprehensive partitioning solution enhances the wellbeing and productivity of our client’s staff by offering flexibility and support throughout the working day.

Elevating Existing Architecture: Banded Glass Walls

The Challenge

We were contacted by our client in Berkshire seeking a chic partitioning solution to divide their office. With exposed ceilings and brickwork, they required an option that enhances these features, rather than hides them. Finding the right system was crucial to maintain the integrity of their office interiors.

The Solution

We installed safety toughened glass (10mm thick) with plastic banding that spanned 12 metres. The glass was secured with black (RAL 9005) tracks that matched the aluminium framework.

By choosing our glass walls, our client was able to create separate work spaces without sacrificing natural light. The result was a bright and spacious office environment that uplifted the mood and enhanced the overall interior design.

Our banded glass is popular for a reason. It combines a retro charm with a modern twist, making it an ideal fit for buildings like our client’s with unique architectural features such as exposed brickwork.

Meet in Style: Banded Glass Office

The Challenge

Big Sky came to us for help creating a modern meeting area within their London offices. Being in the production and editing industry, privacy was a top priority for them. They required a partitioning solution that offered exceptional acoustic performance to maintain the high quality of their work. They wanted to ensure that the ambient noise from the main office did not disturb their meetings in the new glass room.

Along with these requirements, we faced a unique installation challenge. The uneven brickwork, as well as the sloped walls and ceilings, presented a hurdle that needed to be overcome with precision and expertise.

The Solution

To address acoustic concerns, we used acoustic glass partitioning. This system provides excellent sound insulation to contain loud speech within the glass meeting room walls and guarantee complete privacy.

To complement the existing office interiors, we opted for a banded glass partitioning design. The black framework, adorned with UVPC bars, created an elegant grid pattern across the glass panels. To enhance security, we also installed a lockable glass door.

We were well-prepared to overcome the potential installation challenges. By taking note of our client’s unique architectural features, we skillfully shaped their glazed walls to suit their work environment.

Divide modern glass workplaces with our popular banded glass partitioning. Whether you want to refresh your workplace or create a bespoke wall in your living space, enquire with our team today.

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