Product Spotlight: Banded Glass Partitioning

Are you looking to create a new, innovative space in the workplace that’s practical and aesthetic? Our banded glass partitioning is an ideal choice for businesses across many sectors.

Compatible with single glazed, double glazed or acoustic glass, the banded framework adds a sophisticated touch to any office. Also known as industrial framed glass, we’ve installed banded glass in workplaces across different sectors, with some of our recent installations even taking place in our client’s homes.

Our experts have put together a simple guide to help you discover how banded glass wall dividers can help transform your workspace, for the better.

What is Banded Glass Partitioning?

Banded glazing is an industrial style glass office partition, popular for its design opportunities. It consists of your preferred glazed glass and an aluminium framework, available in a variety of colours and finishes, including White (RAL 9010), Black (RAL 9005), Silver (RAL 9006) or Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016).

Industrial Framed Glass Partitioning

During installation, we first fit the glass panels. Our experienced fitters will then install an aluminium framework around the perimeter of the fixed glass in your preferred colour. This creates a distinctive framed finish around your glass partitioning. Then, your banded glass partitioning installation is completed with either UVPC or aluminium bars that are fitted across the glass, forming a ‘window’ effect.

At Glass Partitioning UK, we understand that every workplace is unique. We are able to install our standard banded glass framework, as well as more unique designs. Take a look at this recent case study where the client requested a bespoke aluminium framework, using smaller banded squares across safety toughened glass.

Where Can You Install Industrial Framed Glass Partitions?

Once installed, our banded glass office partitions have a retro finish with a modern twist. The framed glass complements strong existing building features such as exposed ducts, pipework, timber beams, wooden floors and more.

Glass Partitioning For Care Homes

This versatile design has proven popular in many applications and we’ve completed banded glass projects in London and across the UK across a variety of industries. More commonly, industrial framed glass can be found in offices as a creative meeting room divider, as well as retail and hospitality environments.

Take a look at some of our favourite banded glass partitioning installations to see the glass walls in action:

What are the Benefits of Banded Glass Partitions for Offices?

When used in an office environment, banded glass partitions can offer businesses with a vast range of benefits:

  • Aesthetics – One of the main advantages of banded glass is the design opportunities it offers. Once installed, the framed glass can create stunning visual features throughout the office, creating a stunning work environment where staff can’t wait to get to.
  • Flexibility – Banded framework can be added to glazed glass partitioning of your choice. Select from single glazed glass, double glazed glass or their acoustic alternatives, depending on your acoustic preferences and budget requirements.
  • Customisation – At GPUK, we offer our banded glass in a variety of sizes and finishes. Black banding is our most popular option to create smart, corporate spaces, however we love the soft finish of Anthracite Grey.
  • Easy Installation – Banded glass is quick and easy to install. With the help of our friendly fitters, you’ll have your dream glass office partitioning in no time! What’s more, our years of experience means we can provide installation solutions to overcome uneven ceilings, exposed ducts and more.

Banded Glass Partitioning by Glass Partitioning UK

Banded Glass Office

Banded glass partitioning has been an increasing favourite amongst our GPUK customers, and to no surprise. If you’re interested in installing industrial framed glass partitioning into your workplace, get in touch with our experts today.

Some of our clients

We work with a range of brands from tech start-ups, to government & education.

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