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Acoustic Glass Case Studies

Our client needed glass partitions that would fit with the modern feel of their office space, whilst helping to give privacy within an open plan space.

Modern Glass Office in London

The Challenge 

Our client got in touch with our experts at Glass Partitioning UK for help transforming their workspace.

Having established a detailed brief, the client’s vision was to divide key office areas with glass partitioning. It was important the glass partition wall systems complemented the existing modern look and feel of their commercial interiors.

In addition, the challenge arose of finding a suitable, high-end office partition that granted our client with enough privacy to carry out work efficiently, whilst also fitting in with the open plan office design. Luckily, at Glass Partitioning UK, we had just the solution..

The Solution 

First, let us debunk the rumours. Whilst at first glance, glass walls in the workplace can often seem like there’s no where to hide, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, there’s lots of ways to add privacy to your glass office, whether it be acoustic or visual.

Confident in our ability to deliver, the client approved of our proposal to install acoustic glass partitions within their workplace. The project could divided into two sections:

  1. We began our glass partitioning installation by fitting a modern shape glass office at one end of the workspace. Our acoustic glass walls ensured privacy within the space so that conversations could be had in confidence and the outside workspace wasn’t disturbed by any sounds. The transparency of the glass panes also ensured enough natural light was able to reach into the area.
  2. Next, we installed glass partitions on either side of an office desk. Situated next to a breakout area, the acoustic glass partitioning has sound absorbing properties that prevented noise from staff relaxing on their breaks from disturbing employees sat at their desks as they worked.

Once the glass installation was completed, we left the client’s workspace clean and ready for immediate occupation.

Acoustic glass helps to block loud voices so that they can’t be heard through the glass partitions. For this reason, we specify our specialist glass walls for many of our projects, including glass meeting rooms and private glass offices. For more information, or to get started on your acoustic glass installation, please contact our experts today. We can offer free sound advice or help find the best partitioning system to suit your space and your budget.

Some of our clients

We work with a range of brands from tech start-ups, to government & education.

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