Bespoke Glass Manifestation | Kent

Check out our recent glass partitioning installation where we applied a bespoke manifestation to inspire staff and incorporate company branding.

Bespoke Glass Manifestation in Kent | GPUK

The Challenge

The client contacted our team at Glass Partitioning UK for help with a unique project. They needed a high quality office partitioning solution to divide a private area in their workplace.

Their glass partitioning project focused on both form and functionality. Along with exceptional acoustic performance, they wanted to use a bespoke glass manifestation design that incorporated company branding. This hoped to inspire staff and instil confidence to any visitors, creating a stunning design piece in the office.

The Solution

Our fitters installed acoustic glass partitions into our client’s workplace, measuring 10.8mm in thickness. This premium glass wall uses a transparent PVC membrane that’s bonded to the glazed glass panes. The acoustic membrane works to improve sound control in our client’s workplace by absorbing sound reverberations. The sound energy created in the office is then prevented from penetrating through the glass into neighbouring office space. 

For more information on the acoustic performance of our glass partitioning, please read our Acoustic Advice or see our Acoustics Guide.

To make the client’s glass walls truly unique, we applied a bespoke glass manifestation to the glass sheets. We are always happy to apply unique graphic designs to our glass, as provided by our client, however we do offer more standard options such as popular DDA Dots.

Please note: Glass manifestations (also known as glass graphics and glass stickers) are legally required on certain systems as a health and safety precaution. To determine if your glass requires a glass sticker, read our expert advice or contact our team.

In this project, the glass manifestation matched our client’s logo, adding a subtle colour scheme into the office. The acoustic glass partitions were set in a silver track (RAL 9006), giving the completed installation a professional finish.

Like what you see? We’ve installed a few unforgettable glass partitions in our time. Whether you need a unique design piece or to improve acoustics, we can help. For more information or advice, please contact our experts to discuss your requirements today.

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We work with a range of brands from tech start-ups, to government & education.

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