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Acoustic Glass Case Studies

Our client needed a private glass meeting room installed within their current property. We installed an acoustic glass solution for a modern finish.

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The Challenge

For this glass partitioning installation in London, our client wanted to fit a smart boardroom within their current office space.

The client wanted to place a large focus on the acoustic performance of their glass meeting room as it was important to minimise the volume of sound that was able to transfer between their new glass meeting space and the main office.

The project posed a challenge during the installation stage as an exposed pipe ran along the ceiling, forming an uneven surface where the glass partitions were to be fixed. Luckily, our experts knew just how to overcome this..

The Solution

We installed acoustic glass partitioning as an effective way to take control of sound in the workplace. Once completed, the client’s team were able to hold important meetings in private, as well as use the glass meeting room as a focus space to concentrate on tasks without distractions.

Doors are often a weak point when it comes to optimising sound performance in the workplace. This is because sound can escape through the joints and hinges, spilling into neighbouring rooms. Whilst it’s impossible to completely soundproof a room, we installed a framed glass door to minimise the noise escaping through the joints.

For more information on the acoustic performance of our glass partitioning, please see our Acoustics Guide or Acoustic Advice.

To combat the uneven ceilings, we built a bulkhead before the glass panels were fitted. This was fitted in a white colour to match the existing interior colour scheme and formed a straight surface that helped our team complete a seamless installation. At Glass Partitioning UK, we’re no stranger to uniquely shaped workplaces and have many installation solutions to shape our glass partitions to any space.

Sleek and high performing, the client was incredibly happy with their professional glass boardroom. For help finding a glass partitioning solution for your project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

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