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Fire Rated Glass Partitioning

On Display: Glass Partitioning Showroom

The Challenge

We took on a glass partitioning installation project in Manchester, aiming to give our client’s workplace a total transformation. Our client had a clear vision: a high-end glass showroom at an affordable cost.

This glass installation was just one part of a larger renovation project, so we had to be meticulous in coordination with the other construction work. Using exceptional project management, we made sure to minimise disruptions to our client’s daily operations.

The Solution

We successfully installed single glazed glass partitions in our client’s Manchester office. Our team fitted black tracks and bulkheads, which played a crucial role in achieving a smooth fitting process. Once the bulkheads were in place, we then installed the single glazed glass walls.

Thanks to our efficient work, we completed the installation within the project’s tight timeframe, allowing our client to move forward with their external renovation plans. The glass walls not only added a touch of elegance to the refurbished interiors, but also enhanced the flow of natural light throughout the space.

Budget-Friendly Glass Partitioning

The Challenge

Our Lancashire client had a clear goal: to create a new meeting room for catch-ups and focused-based tasks. Through an initial consultation, we got to understand their operational needs, including available space, desired level of privacy and interior design preferences.

The Solution

After carefully considering these requirements, we determined that our single glazed glass partitioning system was the perfect fit for their workplace. We chose this option due to its cost-effectiveness and aesthetic appeal.

To ensure compliance with health and safety regulations, we applied a simple glass manifestation across the glazed walls. This improved overall safety and added a unique perspective to the overall design. While we offer customer glass graphics, our client opted for our standard DDA Dots for a sophisticated finish.

To complete the project, we installed 10mm thick safety toughened glass doors within the system. The silver ironmongery on the door blended seamlessly with the external interiors.

Affordable Solutions for Quality Spaces

The Challenge

Our client wanted a simple glass corner office added to their current space in Buckinghamshire. They approach us with two key criteria in mind: affordability and a seamless installation process.

The Solution

To meet their needs, we turned to our single glazed glass walls. Working closely with our client, we planned the installation to minimise any inconvenience to their team.

Our first step involved installing black tracking which serves as a solid foundation for the glass partitioning, ensuring a level and secure fit. To complete the space, we added a matching glass door that sits perfectly within the system.

Our client now enjoys a versatile corner office, perfect for private meetings or focused work. This is a space where employees can retreat without feeling detached from the rest of the office. Ultimately, our partitioning fosters collaboration and productivity among our client’s workforce.

Creating a Glass Meeting Room on a Budget

The Challenge

Finances are a top priority for businesses – we get it. So, when our client reached out to our glass experts seeking a cost-friendly partitioning solution, we stepped up with a range of options that didn’t compromise on quality, while fitting their budget.

The plan was to create a glass office where the team could hold meetings and connect with customers. Despite working with a tighter budget, it was crucial to maintain a professional look that reflected positively on their brand.

The Solution

To start, we provided our client with a free quote, giving them a clear picture of the project costs to ensure it aligned with their budget.

With plans approved, we made our way to their West London site. We installed single glazed glass partitions, forming the foundation of their new glass office. To complete the project, we added a frameless, self-closing glass door, adorned with stainless steel D handles for a high-end finish.

Our single glazed glass walls proved to be an ideal choice for budget-conscious businesses like our clients. We successfully created a modern glass office that fulfilled all their requirements, providing high quality products and installation at an affordable price.

Enhancing Beauty: Glass Cosmetic Surgery

The Challenge

We recently completed a project for a cosmetic surgery clinic in central London. Being a local business, they approached our team for help dividing their workspace. Given the importance of hygiene in their line of work, we had to find a partitioning system that not only served its purpose but also matched their interior design.

The Solution

Our client’s project focused on appearance, affordability, privacy and hygiene. For them, we used single glazed glass walls – these walls ticked all the boxes, providing a contemporary finish within the clinic, while remaining cost-effective. 

To enhance patient privacy, we applied a frosted manifestation on the glass panels. This film obscures the view into their new space without compromising the flow of natural light.

During the installation, we encountered a slight hurdle with the lighting fixtures in the suspended ceiling. Fortunately, our accurate measurements taken during the technical survey paid off and the single glazed glass partitions were accurately cut before arriving on site. This prevented any delays or complications during the installation process.

Our glass walls turned out to be an excellent choice for maintaining high hygiene standards. They’re incredibly easy to wipe clean, guaranteeing a sanitary work environment for our client.

Overcoming Sloped Ceilings: Single Glazed Glass Installation

The Challenge

In our latest glass installation project in East London, our client had the idea of using glass as the perfect material for partitioning their office. They needed to separate two work areas with glass walls, along with the installation of two glass doors for easy access into each space.

At first glance, the client’s project posed a bit of a challenge. The office had sloped ceilings along where the glass walls needed fitting. Our glass experts, however, we able to easily tackle this challenge by providing angled glass that perfectly fits the bill.

The Solution

The first glass office installation was fairly straightforward. We fitted single glazed glass partitioning (10mm thick) to create a modern and polished space.

The second glass office was seemingly more challenging. To fit the glass walls to the sloped ceiling, the glass first needed to be raked. To achieve this, our fitters cut the glass at an angle, achieving the desired effect. We also added a triangular piece of glass above the door to fill the gap. 

To complete the transformation, we installed two framed glass doors with white aluminium frames. These were beautifully finished with stainless steel lever latch handles.

Maximising Space with Single Glazed Glass

The Challenge

Our client, a business based in Hertfordshire, found themselves in need of extra office space. Determined to provide the best solution, we embarked on a journey to meet all of their challenges. We considered factors such as project costs and space optimization, leaving no stone unturned. Armed with knowledge, we then created a comprehensive plan to integrate a stunning glass office within their existing architectural framework.

The Solution

Our team skillfully installed single glazed glass partitioning, crafted from safety toughened glass. We fitted these into silver tracking (RAL 9006). Our single glazed glass walls offer an affordable alternative for businesses with more modest budgets. In the case of our client, these glazed partitions proved to be a game-changer in terms of space optimisation. The transparency of the glass created the illusion of a larger workspace, making use of every inch of the office.

Notably, this installation didn’t require a door. We fitted the glass office with our client’s existing walls, which already featured a door. This smart move kept costs down, allowing them to stick to their budget.

Our glass partitioning not only created a modern office space, but welcomed natural light in to create a spacious work environment, maximising every corner.

Dividing Multiple Workspaces on a Budget

The Challenge

Having acquired new office space in Leeds, our client wanted to create multiple work areas. They wanted to maximise the available space while ensuring an efficient and functional workplace layout. To achieve this, they needed a well-designed partitioning solution that ticked off all their requirements.

The Solution

Our glass experts recommended single glazed glass partitions with a thickness of 10mm. This particular system offered a multitude of benefits that perfectly aligned with our client’s needs.

One of the main advantages of this solution was its affordability. Despite its cost, the glass partitioning still provides a high end appearance. In fact, visually, there is minimal difference between single and double glazed glass, although their performance varies.

To complete the installation, we added a 10mm thick glass door with 600mm stainless steel D handles and a self-closing mechanism. The project was completed swiftly, allowing our client to furnish the new space and move their team in as soon as possible.

Improving Storage Efficiency with Single Glazed Glass

The Challenge

With rising material costs and a growing emphasis on cost-efficiency, we understand that many of our clients have budget limitations when it comes to their construction projects – but fear not, we take pride in offering affordable solutions that don’t compromise on quality.

Recently, we had the pleasure of collaborating with our client in Oakham. They needed a glass installation to divide a new storage space and were on the hunt for a reliable contracting team that could deliver a budget-friendly solution tailored to their exact needs.

The Solution

We transformed our client’s storage room, all while staying within their budget. Our in-house fitters installed 10mm thick safety toughened glass in silver tracking (RAL 9006). Going the extra mile, we ensured the glass complied with health and safety regulations by adding DDA Dot manifestations to the office walls. These stunning glass graphics are a creative touch that acts as a safety measure, indicating the presence of the glass to prevent potential accidents.

The project was completed within the client’s desired timeline, leaving the space ready for immediate use. Our client now enjoyed a functional and organised space, streamlining their operations.

Creating Collaboration at Work

The Challenge

Located in South London, Edward Ashdale presented us with a small task – to find an affordable solution for their glass partitioning installation. Their main objective was to create a safer and more organised workspace.

The Solution

For our client, single glazed glass partitioning was the perfect solution. This type of glass wall balances affordability with style, dividing work areas while maintaining an open and spacious feel. Using high quality materials, we ensured that the glass walls would withstand the test of time.

Given their limited space, our single glazed glass was an ideal choice as it allows natural light to flow freely, preventing the area from feeling enclosed. This design choice is perfect for fostering collaboration and communication between different departments.

To further enhance functionality, we installed a frameless glass door with silver handles. This added a touch of sophistication to the workspace while ensuring easy access between areas.

Single Glazed Glass Boardroom: Enhancing Executive Spaces

The Challenge

We recently took on a project in Essex where our client needed a fresh boardroom space. The catch? They needed a team they could trust to work within the existing workspace without disrupting daily operations.

The Solution

To create a professional and minimalist boardroom, we used single glazed glass. These partitions, although only 10mm thick, provide impressive strength. Not to mention, they offer up to 37 dB of sound insulation, ensuring privacy during their important meetings.

To maintain a polished look, we installed dark grey glazed glass partitioning tracks that provided necessary support without compromising the elegance of the design. We opted for a 10mm thick single glazed glass door with top and bottom hung hinges for seamless operation. To contribute to the corporate style, we included silver Guardsman handles.

The finished space was both professional and minimalist – the ideal boardroom for our client’s requirements.

The Role of Glass Walls in Minimalist Design

The Challenge

Our London client required a chic office partition that would separate their kitchen/social space from the main office area. Their goal was to enhance the interior design and preserve the office’s bright and spacious feel.

Since acoustics weren’t a primary concern for our client, we were able to work within their budget to deliver a high quality partitioning installation.

The Solution

We prioritised our client’s convenience and scheduled the fitting date based on their team’s availability. Our first step involved installing tracks along the room’s perimeter. To seamlessly blend with the existing interior design, our client chose a clean white colour (RAL 9010).

By accurately measuring their site, we were able to provide the single glazed glass made-to-measure. This saved our client valuable time and expenses on alterations during the installation.

To finalise the glass partitioning system, we added a frameless glass door (10mm thick) with a stainless steel Guardsman handle. The end result is a successfully zoned breakout area that optimises space and maintains our client’s desired open-plan layout.

Divide & Conquer: Creating Private, Open-Plan Offices

The Challenge

In Wiltshire, our client was embarking on a big project. They were looking to divide their open-plan building using multiple glass walls. Mindful of budget constraints, they turned to our glass experts for an optimal solution.

The Solution

We swiftly provided and installed single glazed glass walls, a cost-effective choice that perfectly matched our client’s needs. During installation, we took care to ensure uniformity in the glass panels. Now, natural sunlight permeates the space, creating a delightful ambience and reducing our client’s reliance on artificial lighting. Not only does this foster a more pleasant environment, it also helps reduce energy costs.

With many benefits, it’s important to note these glass partitions also complemented the minimalist interior design. Our versatile solution left our client thoroughly satisfied with the exceptional result.

Replacement Glass Partitioning

The Challenge

Our client reached out to us seeking assistance with their glass office. The urgency arose from a damaged glass partition panel that required immediate replacement. 

Finding a glass partitioning system that matched the previous one used in the office became our top priority. Fortunately, when it comes to glass partitioning, we know a thing or two.

The Solution

In order to provide the perfect solution, we carefully evaluated the space and concluded that a single glazed glass partition wall would be ideal. Throughout this process, we noted all the dimensions and designs to ensure a flawless replacement that aligned perfectly with the current interiors.

Seeing opportunity to enhance their workspace, our client expressed interest in adding a manifestation to their replacement glass wall. We worked together to apply a simple yet impactful graphic that transformed their workspace into a stunning and highly functional environment.

Did you know we also offer a removal service? 

We can safely dismantle your existing glass and dispose of it appropriately. Enquire with our team today for more information.

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