Single Glazed Glass vs Double Glazed Glass – What’s the Difference?

To the untrained eye, single glazed and double glazed glass partitioning can look similar. In fact, several properties of both glass office partitions make them vastly different.

Whilst both office partitions are perfect for dividing modern work spaces, it’s important to understand the benefits each glazing option has to offer. Then, you can determine the best product to refresh your workplace.

What is the Difference Between Single and Double Glazed Glass Partitioning?

The difference between single and double glazed glass partitioning is how they’re manufactured. Double glazed glass walls are two glass panes (hence the name, double glazed). With single glazed glass walls, there is just one glass pane (single glazed).

The extra glass pane has little to no visible change. When it comes to performance however, the story is quite different.

Single Glazed Glass Office Partitions

Single glazed glass partitions are walls made from singular sheets of toughened safety glass. Whilst this is the thinnest glazed option we offer, this type of glass is still strong. These fix into glass partitioning tracks that run around the perimeter of your space.

Glazed Glass Partitioning Wall

Single glazed glass walls have a frameless appearance, created from the seamless joining between glass panes. It’s contemporary and sleek, a popular partitioning solution across many different industries.

Check out some of our single glazed glass partitioning installations.

What are the Benefits of Single Glazed Glass?

  • Affordability – Single glazed glass partitions are our most affordable system at Glass Partitioning UK. They’re popular for their price and high end appearance.
  • Light – Unlike solid partitions, light can pass through single glazed glass walls. This has many benefits for your workplace, from improving wellbeing to reducing energy bills from artificial lighting.
  • Appearance – Glass is a popular feature within many interior schemes, from modern to industrial. It has a timeless finish that looks smart across many different industries.
  • Acoustics – Despite consisting of just one pane of glass, single glazed walls offer a degree of sound protection. The fixed pane can offer up to 33 dB, muffling quieter conversations.

Single Glazed Glass Doors

To go with your single glazed glass office, you’ll likely need a door. Single glazed glass doors are similar to the partitioning – they’re also made from a singular glazed pane. During installation, our glass experts will ensure that your glass door sits flush with the rest of your glazed walls.

Double Glazed Glass Office Partitions

Double glazed glass partitions are walls made from two sheets of toughened safety glass. The double glazed glass panes provide better insulation and acoustics than our single glazed systems. For this reason, it’s often a step up in price (but also a step up in performance).

The office glass partitions are installed similarly to their single glazed alternatives. First, our team fit glass partitioning tracks around the perimeter of your premises and then install the pre-bonded glass panes.

Check out some of our double glazed glass partitioning installations.

What are the Benefits of Double Glazed Glass?

  • Light – Despite two glazed panes, double glazed glass partitions are still transparent. Light can therefore pass through the office walls, illuminating your new space.
  • Appearance  – Much like single glazed glass, double glazing has a clean, frameless finish to add a modern twist to any work environment.
  • Integrated Blinds – Unlike single glazed glass, you can install integrated blinds with your double glazed walls. This allows you to increase privacy within your glass office, without the maintenance of dusting and detangling your blinds.
  • Acoustics – One of the most significant advantages of double glazed glass partitions is their acoustic performance. Most businesses will opt for this system when they are struggling with acoustics or want to create a private workspace. A fixed double glazed glass wall can offer sound protection between 40 dB and 44 dB, making external conversations barely audible.

Double Glazed Glass Doors

Double glazed glass doors consist of two glass panels, encased in an aluminium border. Whilst your glass office can never truly be ‘soundproof’ (doors open and close and sound can escape, plus there are many other factors to consider), framing your double glazed glass doors can help to reduce noise that might escape through the seals.

Modern Office Partitioning

After our whistle-stop guide to single glazed and double glazed glass partitioning, we hope you’re feeling more educated to decide on the best glazing for your office partitions. Our glass specialists are always on hand if you wish to discuss your options further with an expert.

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