5 Ways Glass Partitioning Can Improve Wellbeing

One of the best ways to look after your business is to look after your employees. We’re not talking about a free fruit basket, but long-term solutions that support your team through dynamic styles of work.

Something as simple as swapping that drylining for glass partitioning can have a huge impact on the physical and mental health of your staff, equating to a happier team and a higher quality of work produced. With many glass wall partition systems available at Glass Partitioning UK, here’s a few ways they can help improve wellbeing in the workplace:

1. Exposure to Natural Light

The transparency of glazed glass partitions can increase the reach of natural sunlight into your office. A brighter, happier workplace can have many benefits on your workforce, including:

  • Increased intake of vitamin D – This nutrient, gained from exposure to natural sunlight, can help to reduce the risk of many health concerns such as heart disease and sclerosis.
  • Support for SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) – SAD affects around 2 million people in the UK (, with symptoms of depression and the ‘winter blues’. Maximising natural light in the office can help to mitigate some of these symptoms your employees might experience.
  • Improved Sleep – Countless research has shown that increased exposure to natural light can even improve the quality of your sleep, with one study concluding ‘the architectural design of office environments should place more emphasis on sufficient daylight exposures of the workers in order to promote office workers’ health and well-being’ (

2. Increased Creativity & Productivity

With a sleek and modern finish, glass partitioning can create an attractive office where staff are proud to work. For many, glass is a versatile partitioning system that can support employees and dynamic working. Having the tools needed to do a job helps to improve the productivity levels in the office and can also lead to a better quality of work.


Refreshing your workplace interiors with a new glass office can also help to simultaneously refresh the team’s creativity. Add a bespoke glass manifestation to your glass partitions to incorporate company branding and create an inspiring workplace.

3. Improved Physical Health

Installing glass partitioning can have many physical advantages too. For one, the improved lighting can reduce the need for harsh, fluorescent alternatives. This can help minimise eye strain, and in some cases, reduce migraines and headaches that stem from this.

4. Encourage Inclusivity

Glass partitions are a great way to create an open plan office when divided work areas are a necessity. They can create focus spaces without isolating team members or departments from the rest of the office, ensuring a great sense of company inclusivity – something that arguably needs to be reconnected after a few years of the COVID-19 pandemic. For many workers, this can reduce feelings of loneliness.

5. Reinforce Employee Value

Providing your employees with correctly designed work areas that aid them to successfully complete their day-to-day tasks can help reinforce the value you place in them. We offer a variety of glass partitioning systems to suit different work requirements, such as our switchable glass partitions, which can easily transition an office space from private to open, whenever it’s needed.

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Glass Partitioning UK

Investing in glass partitioning has proven time and time again to be a great way to invest in your company. If you’re interested in giving your workplace a health check, please contact our glass specialists. We can discuss the requirements unique to your space and your team, ensuring we offer the best partitioning solution at the very best possible price.

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