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Glass Partitioning Case Studies

Our client needed a glass wall installed in front of the high waist rail on their mezzanine floor. We used laminated glass for safety.


The Challenge 

This recent project was a fun challenge for our team as our client wanted to install glass partitions around their mezzanine floor.

It was their vision to find an affordable solution that would make this space better in terms of acoustic performance and provide safety to staff and customers.

The mezzanine floor already had a high waist rail surrounding it, however the client required glass partitioning to reinforce the above requirements without compromising on light or design.

The Solution 

Our team of fitters were careful when installing our client’s glass partitions as it was at a height. We fixed them in front of the existing high waist rail, ensuring we caused little disruption to the rest of the workplace.

We used laminated glass for this project. This helped increase safety in the workplace for staff and members of the public as, if the glass were to come into drastic impact, the partition will shatter but hold shape to prevent shards from scattering and causing potential harm.

Laminated glass partitioning also helped to improve the acoustic performance of the mezzanine floor. This glass partitioning system consists of a layer of plastic, sandwiched between two glass panes, helping to insulate sound that would otherwise travel through to other areas in the client’s workspace.

Once the project was completed, our client was able to experience a better way of working.

In case studies such as this, our clients aren’t always looking for a simple, ceiling to floor glass partitioning. Whatever solution your business needs, we’re happy to discuss your options to find the very best solution to suit your workforce.

For more information about our glass partitioning solutions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss how we can help you.

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We work with a range of brands from tech start-ups, to government & education.

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