5 Benefits of Frosted Glass Partitioning

In both commercial and residential spaces, frosted glass partitions are becoming increasingly popular – and for good reason!

We’ve seen a rise in demand for this smart system in our own glass partitioning installations, with businesses taking a liking to the glass’ premium appearance. If you’re interested by the distinctive design, we’ve outlined a few ways that frosted glass partitions can benefit your workplace.

What are Frosted Glass Partitions?

Frosted glass walls are glass partitions with an opaque film applied across the surface. This glass manifestation restricts vision into a room through the glass pane, improving overall privacy.

Frosted Glass Partition System

At Glass Partitioning UK, we create this popular system by applying frosted glass manifestations to our glass walls. This more affordable option promises the same high quality appearance as alternative options.

The frosted film is generally made from vinyl. Our team of fitters apply this with accuracy and care to your glass wall dividers once they have been installed – either on the same day or the following, depending on the complexity of your frosted design.

What are the Benefits of  Frosted Glass Partitions?

From offices to restaurants, frosted glass partitions find a home for themselves in workplaces across many industries. Here are just a few advantages of installing them in your own:

1. Privacy

It’s a common misconception that glass offices lack privacy, leaving staff with nowhere to hide. In fact, if you’re looking to divide a modern and private meeting room, frosted glass partitions can be a great way to achieve this.

The opaque design of frosted glass manifestation blurs sight into your new workspace, offering visual privacy for more confidential meetings. The frosted glass manifestation can also be applied to a glazed glass partitioning system of your choice. For extreme privacy, we recommend pairing your frosted glass design with our acoustic glass walls.

2. Natural Light

Don’t worry – you can still enjoy the increased natural light flow with your frosted glass partitions. Despite the blurred film, a large volume of natural light can still pass through the manifestation to illuminate your workspace.

Frosted Glass Manifestation

This can not only bring lots of health benefits such as increased vitamin D to your team, but also helps to cut down on the need for artificial lighting and therefore energy costs.

3. Wellbeing

There are many ways glass partitions can improve wellbeing. Creating a private space with frosted glass partitions can also support your staff with certain work tasks. This showcases the value you place in them, resulting in uplifted wellbeing in your workplace, motivated employees and a happier workforce in general.

4. Aesthetics

Frosted glass partition walls add modern details to elevate your office design. These glass systems are popular for their professional finish that’s sure to impress both staff and visitors.

Bespoke Glass Partitioning Manifestation

At Glass Partitioning UK, we can customise your frosted glass manifestation to suit your design requirements. Try a full-height frosted manifestation for even more privacy, or a smart frosted band for partial privacy. We can also take unique designs such as company logos to incorporate branding into your workspace.

5. Health and Safety

For many of our glass partitioning installations, manifestations are needed as a legal requirement. Frosted glass partitions can ensure this is met and that your new glass office is health and safety compliant by demarcating the glass and reducing the risk of accidents. For more information on this, please read our blog.

Glass Manifestations by GPUK

Every business is unique and no two workplaces are the same. Whether you need help deciding the right glazed glass wall for your space or want to discuss a bespoke glass manifestation design, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Some of our clients

We work with a range of brands from tech start-ups, to government & education.

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