Glass Walls for Healthcare

Generally, a trip to the hospital, dentist or healthcare clinic is full of stress and worry. Couple this with sterile, dark, clinical interiors and you are not exactly welcomed through the door. In fact, your surgery’s interiors have a larger influence on patient experience than you might initially think.

Healthcare spaces that invest in a human centred workplace design can impact not just patient wellbeing, but employee welfare too. These interiors are comfortable, safe and connect the interior builds with nature, helping to reduce stress and improve the overall appointment experience.

Healthcare interior designs should be light, clean and calming, all while meeting hygiene standards expected within this sector. Glass partitioning can provide all these elements, encouraging the flow of light while providing a protective barrier for staff and visitors.

Types of Glass Walls

At Glass Partitioning UK, we deliver a variety of glass partitioning to suit different workplaces, requirements and budgets. When it comes to healthcare, we provide practical solutions that are tailored to helping your workplace thrive.

From high performing acoustic glass to banded options for aesthetics, get in touch to discuss the best solution for you.

Give Your Workspace a Health Check

There are many benefits that glass partitioning can contribute to the healthcare sector:

Natural Light

Research shows that just 13-15 minutes of exposure to natural light can release endorphins within our bodies (Forbes, 2018) and significantly impact our mental health and outlook. The transparency of our glass partitioning allows a healthy flow of light to reach the workplace, all while acting as a necessary structural wall. 

This connection to the outdoors will not only shine your practice in a better light for patients, but also impact staff who spend most of their day in the building. By allowing light to shine through, employee moods can be improved, reflecting in quality of work and productivity.


There’s a common misconception that glass partitioning can’t offer much in terms of privacy. In fact, we put together several suggestions on how to add privacy to your glass partitions. When it comes to privacy in healthcare buildings, we have several tricks up our sleeve.

Glass Partitioning For Care Homes

For patient confidentiality, we recommend our acoustic glass. Once installed, private consultations can go ahead without a breach of confidentiality.

For visual privacy, we recommend a frosted manifestation, such as our glass installation at this cosmetic surgery clinic. As a more premium option, however, we offer switchable glass. The smart glass has the ability to switch between opaque and transparent settings at the touch of a button, making it easy to transition between private operations and student learning within a hospital.


Throughout the pandemic, our glass solutions helped plenty of businesses protect their staff and visitors, just like our glass dentist surgery installation. Glass partitioning and glass screens form the perfect protective barrier without secluding individuals off from the building or compromising on light flow.

They have many benefits over Perspex alternatives as plastics can deteriorate overtime, making them harder to keep sterile when compared to glass. Not only this, but glass partitioning is easy to wipe clean and can withstand regular disinfection to ensure you maintain a clean workplace. Glass also boasts more translucency than Perspex screens for a clearer vision and maximised light.



Glass Partitioning in Healthcare

Our glass solutions are perfect to transform buildings across the healthcare sector. From dental surgeries to consultation clinics, our glass offers essential privacy, improved workplace wellbeing and clean aesthetics to take care of your business and your patients.

With over 20 years experience, we’re experts at specifying glass partitions for a variety of different workplaces. To discuss the right solution for your space, get in touch or get an instant quote today.

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