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The Challenge

The client got in touch with Glass Partitioning UK to discuss how we could help transform their workplace.

The challenge was regarding the client’s mezzanine floor. Situated in the office building, this space formed avital meeting room, however, the client felt it was not performing as well as it could be. The struggled with noise that travelled upwards from the canteen below and food smells often wafted into the meeting room from the kitchen below.

Overall, the area needed a partitioning solution to enclose the space, improve acoustics and prevent the smell of food lingering.

This glass installation project required a bespoke service as our team had to navigate the glass walls around handrails placed on the mezzanine balcony, air vents on the floor and overhead beams.

The Solution

To avoid disruption during the company’s office hours, we completed this glass installation over the weekend.

The project involved fitting safety toughened glass partitions to encase the mezzanine platform, with support beams under the table. To these glazed walls, we applied glass manifestations as a health and safety precaution. We used our standard DDA Dot design.

Once installed, our glazed glass partitioning improved the acoustic performance of the meeting room, meaning staff could hold private discussions or focus on work without distractions from the canteen below. The glass also acted as a barrier to prevent the smell of food (and rumbling stomachs) as staff worked.

For more information on how our glass solutions could improve your workplace, contact our experts today.

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