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Glass Partitioning Case Studies

Explore our stunning glass office installations, opening doors for our clients to new and exciting work opportunities. From private glass meeting rooms to collaborative glass workshops, discover the potential of your workplace.

Improving Meeting Room Acoustics

The Challenge

In the heart of London, our client had a vision of creating a high-performing meeting room that would supercharge productivity and workflow. They were looking for a partitioning solution that didn’t just look good, but also improved the overall acoustic performance.

Initially, we faced the hurdle of uneven ceilings, however, armed with our extensive experience, we were more than equipped to find the perfect solution.

The Solution

Dealing with uneven ceilings is no sweat for our glass experts. In this project, we installed bulkheads to level out the ceiling above the glass partition. This technique created a smooth and even surface, making installation a breeze.

To amp up privacy in our client’s glass meeting room, we installed acoustic glass partitioning. This included a full-length acoustic glass door, designed to minimise sound escaping through the entrance. While we can’t promise a completely soundproof glass office, our acoustic glass walls work wonders in reducing room-to-room sound transference. For more details, dive into our comprehensive Acoustics Guide.

Our client now boasts a sophisticated and private glass meeting space, perfect for confidential meetings or collaborative sessions. For more advice on how to improve the privacy of your glass office, you’ll want to read our tips and tricks in our latest article.

Redefining Spaces for Our Returning Customer

The Challenge

With an existing, open-plan workspace in London, our client needed to create separate work areas to accommodate different work styles. They wanted a solution that would maintain the open atmosphere and natural light of their office while allowing for collaboration and individual focus. Being a returning customer, they trusted our team to deliver a partitioning system that would meet all their objectives.

The Solution

In the past, we had installed a reeded glass partition for our client. This time, however, they wanted a simpler approach using minimalist partitioning. To meet their needs, we installed glass walls to create a corner room within their existing workspace.

We used 12mm thick frameless glass partitions and glass doors. This design allowed maximum light to flow through, resulting in a seamless, clean look. To add the final touches, we incorporated a black, self-closing hinge and black Guardsman handle to our client’s brand new glass office.

The Role of Glass Partitioning on Employee Wellbeing

The Challenge

We were contacted by our client in Essex for help renovating their office. The goal was to transform the space into a modern, functional room that would serve as a breakout zone for their employees. We created a plan inspired by the large windows to maximise natural light and create a bright, uplifting atmosphere.

The Solution

We installed single glazed glass partitions as an affordable option for our client.  To ensure compliance with health and safety regulations, we then applied a glass manifestation across the panes. Our client opted for our timeless DDA Dot pattern for a simplistic design.

Unlike traditional solid office partitions, our glass walls allow for optimal light utilisation. By preserving the natural light that streams in through the large windows, we successfully established a vibrant breakout area. This decision not only enhanced the interior design, but improved employee wellbeing and overall energy efficiency.

Once we had finished installation, our client wasted no time furnishing their new breakout space. We left their work area clean and ready for immediate use.

The Modern Glass Office

The Challenge

Our client was a high-end fashion brand in London. They approached our team for help transforming their office space to create additional meeting rooms to accommodate their growing workforce. They wanted to preserve the sleek and modern interior design that continued throughout their office.

The Solution

To meet this challenge head-on, we installed a series of single glazed glass offices along one side of their premises. Our skilled fitters fixed black tracks to the floors and ceilings, ensuring the secure and precise alignment of the glazed partitions. The black tracking blended perfectly with the overall office design.

Next, we fitted multiple framed glass doors. These were elegantly housed within a durable, black aluminium framework, lending a touch of sophistication to the interiors. These were then completed with sleek black handles.

Throughout the project, we maintained open lines of communication with our client to ensure the installation was completed within the desired timeframe for their office refurbishment. Now completed, our client expressed their gratitude for their new bright and modern glass offices – the perfect space for their teams to thrive.

Balancing Quality & Costs: Glass Office Installation

The Challenge

We had the fantastic opportunity to work on a glass partitioning installation near our headquarters in London. Here, our client approached us for help creating a new work area in their office.

During our initial consultation, we delved into our client’s vision for their final space. They expressed a preference for using darker tracks along the perimeter of the glass partition walls. This design choice aimed to perfectly blend in with their office flooring – something we would also mimic with the tracks along the ceiling.

The Solution

With an installation date set, our fitters got to work. The first step involved installing the glass partition tracks using the desired design technique. Once the tracks were in place, we proceeded with fitting the single glazed glass partitions. This system ensured our client received an ideal balance of quality and affordability.

Finally, we added the finishing touch of an internal glass door, completing the transformation of their office.

Less is More: Minimalist Glass Meeting Room

The Challenge

Working in the creative industry, our client was looking to reflect their brand values through their interiors. Emphasising aesthetics, glass partitions became a key element in their design. With a minimalist interior scheme featuring concrete floors and exposed ceilings, it was the perfect backdrop for our glazed partitioning.

Throughout the process, we maintained close collaboration with our client to ensure their expectations were not only met, but exceeded. During the technical survey, we identified potential obstacles that could hinder the installation process. The exposed ceilings with intricate pipework posed a challenge, however, we were able to devise a solution without impacting the glass installation timeline.

The Solution

We constructed bulkheads to create a level surface for the glass partitioning. We then proceeded to install 12mm safety toughened glass walls and a framed glass door. We opted for a black framework (RAL 9005) with matching tracks, drop seal and Guardsman handle.

Thanks to our experienced team, we successfully overcame the installation challenges to seamlessly deliver our client’s new glass office. The end result was a bright, minimalist space with an industrial-style twist that continues to grow popular across the UK.

Budget-Friendly Glass Partitions

The Challenge

This glass partitioning project in Kent required a simple installation. Our client was on the hunt for an affordable office partition with an accompanying glass door. The plan was to divide a separate office area without sacrificing the open atmosphere of the workplace.

To make things easier, we provided our client with a free, instant quote. This way, they could get a rough estimation of the project costs upfront, allowing them to make a more informed decision. Once they gave us the green light on pricing, we wasted no time in getting to work and transforming their office.

The Solution

We used single glazed glass partitioning for this project to create an engaging workspace with sound protection of up to 33 dB. This was the ideal level of privacy for their team. We then installed a single glazed glass door. Crafted from a single pane of glass, this door adds an extra layer of privacy to the workplace.

Our client now revels in a sophisticated glass office, boasting a frameless design that’s gaining traction in offices throughout the UK.

Adding Company Branding to the Glass Office

The Challenge

Back in London, we had the pleasure of helping Sintec fit a glass office with a unique twist. While the process of installing the glazed partitions was fairly straightforward, we made sure to inform our client about the mandatory health and safety requirement of having a manifestation.

After exploring various options, our client saw this as an opportunity to inject some creativity into their office design and hone in on their company values.

The Solution

For the office’s partition walls, we used single glazed glass. These have become increasingly popular in commercial spaces due to their ability to create open, spacious workplaces without breaking the bank. To complete the project, we also installed a sleek, framed glass door.

Working closely with our client, we developed a design for their glass manifestation. Using a frosted film, we incorporated the Sintec logo across the glass partitions and door. The end result? A professional and inspiring design feature that motivates our client’s staff.

How We Approach A Multi-Glass Office Installation

The Challenge

With a large project, our client sought a reliable team capable of delivering a partitioning solution that divided multiple work areas. This was an integral part of a broader office fit out.

To ensure a successful outcome, we conducted a technical survey and crafted a comprehensive brief. Armed with these details, we were ready to proceed with the project.

The Solution

We begin most of our glass partitioning projects by installing the tracks which securely hold the glass panels in place. Thanks to our technical survey, we ensured that the glass was made-to-measure when it arrived on site.

Considering the project involved the installation of multiple glass offices, our client opted for a cost-effective solution: single glazed glass. These partitions boast a high quality appearance without the price tag. They’re also remarkably easy to clean and maintain, making them a practical choice for busy work environments.

The frameless finish of the glass partition walls, complemented by the framed glass doors, exuded a sophisticated look. The glass doors, featuring silver D handles and a smart aluminium frame, were strategically placed throughout the glass office, with a total of five installations.

And voila! In just a few days, we completely transformed the space. The glazed offices not only provided privacy, they also let natural light flow freely to create an open and welcoming atmosphere.

Private vs Open: Glass Office Solutions

The Challenge

This project presented some tough challenges that required us to think outside of the box. Our mission was to find a glazed partitioning system that offered privacy while still maintaining connectivity within the space. Our client had stressed the importance of natural light and wanted their employees to benefit from the connection with the outside world.

To add to the challenge, the office had sloped ceilings that needed a solution that wouldn’t compromise the quality of their new glass office.

The Solution

Luckily, at Glass Partitioning UK, we have a wealth of experience and expertise to tackle any installation challenge. We quickly identified the sloping ceilings and made necessary adjustments before starting the work. We built smooth and even surfaces for the glass walls using drywall bulkheads.

Once built, we installed several panes of acoustic glass partitioning. Our premium product provides privacy by absorbing sound. To balance this privacy with natural light, we strategically placed a frosted glass manifestation on the middle section of the partitions. These maintained visual privacy without impacting the influx of natural light from the windows.

In addition to the glazed glass walls, we added timber doors. Not only did these block sound, but they also added a retro charm to the modern glass aesthetic.

DDA Dots: Glass Office Manifestation

The Challenge

We embarked on an exciting project in the charming market town of Tonbridge, Kent. Our client needed to refurbish their office space to better suit their team’s needs. They sought our expertise to find the perfect office partitioning for the job.

To ensure a hassle-free installation and minimise material wastage, we conducted a thorough technical survey. This allowed us to take precise measurements and provide made-to-measure glass partitions on site.

The Solution

Thanks to our technical survey, we had a plan of action that made fitting the glass around the windows as smooth as possible. We used single glazed glass partitioning, crafted from safety toughened glass to ensure structural strength. These were installed into silver partitioning tracks (RAL 9006). 

For access into the new glass office, we installed a 12mm safety toughened glass door. Its frameless design seamlessly blended with the rest of the glass partitioning. As for the door details, we used a stainless steel Guardsman handle and stainless steel hydro side opening hinge.

Take note of the distinctive manifestation on our client’s glass partitions. They chose DDA Dots – a design available to all our clients. These markings clearly define the glass walls to minimise the risk of accidents.

The project was completed within the designated timeframe and budget, earning our client’s high praise for the final outcome.

Why Glass is Perfect for Multi-Purpose Offices

The Challenge

We were tasked with creating a multi-purpose office room in Kent, catering to various work tasks from important meetings to focused work. 

To kickstart the project, we ran a technical survey. From this, we noted the room’s location in the corner meant we would need to install glass walls on three sides. Furthermore, there was an additional challenge of seamlessly fighting the glass walls into the existing wooden ceiling structure and edge frame.

The Solution

Our single glazed glass partitions, known for their affordability amongst numerous other benefits, emerged as the perfect choice for our client’s new workspace. To ensure stability and strength, we fixed the glass partitions to the surrounding wooden framework using silver partitioning tracks. Drilling into the glass is not an option as it would compromise the quality.

Additionally, our client requested a matching glazed glass door, which we installed flawlessly. The end result surpassed our client’s expectations, providing a three-sided glass office that promotes productivity and accommodates a wide range of work tasks.

Social Distancing Solutions: Glass Partitioning

The Challenge

Amidst the pandemic, we stepped up to the plate and assisted numerous businesses in crafting secure, socially distanced spaces. Our go-to solution? Glass. 

This versatile partitioning material proves to be an ideal barrier to reduce the transmission of the COVID-19 virus. Recently, we had the opportunity to work with our client in West London, who was also determined to create safe office rooms for their employees.

The Solution

Single glazed glass not only fit out client’s budget, but also added a touch of modernity to their office space. By using this system, we successfully constructed secure and open working environments. Unlike other modular offices, our glass partitioning allowed an abundance of natural light to flow through the building, resulting in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

To complete the project, we installed a framed glass door housed in an aluminium framework. This serves as an elegant and functional entrance point. The end result? A highly functional glass office that adheres to our client’s budget, design requirements and ensures the safety of their team.

Unlock productivity, uplift staff wellbeing and transform your office like never before. Don’t wait, contact our glass experts to discuss your partitioning installation today.

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