Beginner’s Guide to Glass Partitioning Tracks

In order to deliver the best solution that meets your design and performance requirements, we believe it’s important that you understand every step of your glazed partitioning project – from the glass panes to the tracking.

Partitioning tracks (also referred to as ‘perimeter track’ or ‘channels’) are a key component of all our glass office installations. Whilst they’re a small part of your glass partitioning system, they shouldn’t be overlooked.

Whether this is your first time installing glass walls or you’re interested in learning more about our systems, read on to discover the ins and outs of our glazed glass partitioning tracks.

What are Glass Partitioning Tracks?

Tracking is an aluminium framework that runs around the perimeter of your room (this is where your glass partitioning is going to be installed). As our in-house fitters are unable to drill directly into the glass, a perimeter track is the only solution to ensure your system is secure.

Grey Partitioning Tracks

Instead, we drill into your tracks. Their primary purpose is therefore to hold the glazed glass panes in place; your glass walls sit securely within the perimeter tracking system.

What are Glass Partitioning Tracks Made From?

As standard, most glass partitioning tracks are made from aluminium. Fibreglass, however, may use steel depending on the system’s fire rating. At Glass Partitioning UK, our aluminium tracks are powder coated with a matte effect and are available in a variety of colours to suit your design requirements.

How Thick is Glass Partitioning Tracking?

Typically, tracks are 25mm thick. If you have a bespoke glass office partition project with challenges such as raked glass or uneven surface levels, the track can measure up to 50mm to overcome this.

White Partitioning Tracks

To learn more about how we overcome common installation challenges, read our article.

What to Consider When Choosing Glass Partition Tracks

Before we begin installing your glass partitions, we’ll discuss your tracking options. There are a few factors to consider, from colour choice to installation:

  • Track Colour – There are four main track colours to choose from. This will have an impact on the overall finish of your glass office dividers as the tracks are visible. The options available include: RAL 9005 Black, RAL 9006 Silver, RAL 9010 White and RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey. We’re able to take bespoke colour requests, however, this will likely take longer to manufacture and require additional charges.
Black Partitioning Tracks
  • Room Dimensions – As part of your glass partition installation, we’ll conduct a technical site survey. From this, we can gather accurate measurements to ensure we supply your partition tracks in the correct quantity, saving you time and money in the long run.
  • Installation – Our team have years of experience installing partitioning tracks in workplaces across a wide variety of sectors. We’ll ensure your internal glass partitions are installed to the highest quality to transform your workplace into a modern environment.

Our glass experts have an eye for detail. You can rest assured that we’ll thoroughly assess your workplace to install partitioning tracks that best suit your office design and requirements.

How to Install Glass Partitioning Tracks

For guaranteed quality, your glass partitioning tracks should be installed by professionals, such as our team. At Glass Partitioning UK, we make fitting your glass office quick, simple and easy. Our team will ensure your glass walls are completely secure and constructed to a high quality.

Single Glazed Glass

We work seamlessly to deliver your partitioning solutions on time and within budget. For each project, we start the glass partitioning installation by fitting the perimeter track:

  1. During your technical site survey, we will have taken accurate measurements to ensure we order your tracks to your site in the perfect quantity.
  2. Your tracks are installed first. The aluminium framework is first drilled into your floors, then your walls and ceiling. Our team will also take time to fit the tracks around any trunking or uneven surfaces.
  3. Once secured, your glass partition walls and glass doors can then be slotted into your tracks. We match your glass door frames and main partitioning tracks together for a seamless finish.

Please note: For more complicated or larger projects, we may first install your tracks on a separate date, returning at the next convenient time to fix your glass walls. If your track and glass wall installation is carried out over more than one day, our fitters will clear the bottom track that runs along the floor to remove the risk of individuals tripping over it. Rest assured that we’ll discuss your requirements with you throughout the entirety of your project.

What’s the Lifespan of a Glass Walls?

To ensure the longevity of your glass office, we recommend reaching out to glass experts such as our team. Our specialists will ensure that your system is correctly specified and installed to ensure a maximum lifespan that can last years!

Glass Partitioning

Your glass office dividers require little maintenance. You can clean the glass pane and tracks with warm water and a small amount of soap. We recommend that you use long strokes when clean to avoid streaking.

Glass Partitioning UK

We’re able to install glass partitioning tracks as part of larger glass wall installation projects. We hope this guide has provided you with the information needed to make informed decisions about your glass partitioning project.

If you’re looking for a smart way to divide modern workplaces, talk to our team today. We can offer free, instant project quotes or discuss your requirements with you to help find the ideal solution.

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