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Banded Glass Case Studies

We provided the client with a seamless journey to their incredible new banded glass partitions, causing little disruption to the workplace.

Industrial Framed Glass Partitions in London

The Challenge

For this project, our client was looking for a reliable glass partitioning contracting company to help them divide areas in their workplace.

It was important that the installation process was easy and smooth, causing as little disruption to the workplace as possible. This would enable the client to continue with business as usual immediately after the glass installation.

Notably, the area the client wanted to divide had trunking that outlined the bottom of the wall. The project therefore required a skilled installation team that would be able to find an effective solution so that the glass could fit around the bespoke infrastructure. Fortunately, at Glass Partitioning UK, we had the answers.

The Solution

We worked closely with our client during every stage of their glass partitioning installation to ensure we delivered the best solution for their workspace.

We installed banded glass partitions, providing our client with trendy and modern office spaces. This popular industrial framed glass wall used safety toughened glass that measured 12mm in thickness.

During our initial site visits, we take accurate measurements and detailed notes of any infrastructure that might impact the installation process. We were able to identify the client’s trunking at this stage, ensuring we made allowances to cut the glass to fit. This minimised wasted materials and ensured a seamless fitting process. For more information on how we shape our glass walls to your workspace, read our guide.

Banded glass partitioning has a distinctive design that complements a variety of interior schemes. The unique framework is increasingly popular in modern and creative office spaces. For this project, the banded framework was fitted in a sophisticated Black (RAL 9005).

The glass installation also included a double, framed glass door. This was specified in a matching black to complement the banding and complete with a guardsman handle.

Once completed, the client was incredibly happy with our team and glass partitioning services, leaving us a positive review:

Professional, polite, easy to reach. They did the job quickly and left no damage. Would recommend.

Are you interested in our glass partitioning solutions? To discuss the best system to suit your business’s needs and budget requirements, please contact our experts today.

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