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Double Glazed Case Studies

Our client needed a private glass office installing within their current premises. We used double glazed glass partitions to create a private space.

Double Glazed Office in London

The Challenge

Our client contacted our team at Glass Partitioning UK for our help specifying and installing the perfect glass partitioning solution for their workspace.

Their vision was to divide a clean, corporate glass meeting room within their current office space. As their workspace was small, they required a solution that gave a spacious appearance.

In addition, it was also important that the formed work area offered enough privacy to support staff so that they can complete work tasks to the best of their ability.

The Solution

Glass was an obvious choice for this partitioning project due to the small size of the office. Whereas traditional drywall partitions could make the workspace feel cramped and cut off from the rest of the office, glass partitioning creates a transparent wall where natural light is still able to flow into the new workspace. This gives creates a light and airy area that gives a spacious illusion.

For this project, we installed double glazed glass partitioning. This solution minimised the volume of noise transferring from the main office area. In fact, our fixed double glazed glass walls can offer workplaces with sound protection of around 40-44 dB. Along with acoustic performance, there are many ways to add privacy to your glass partitions. Get in touch with our experts for more advice.

Doors are often overlooked when considering the acoustic performance of your glass partitions. In fact, glass doors create a break in your fixed partitioning structure where sound reverberations can escape, disrupting into the next room. Our expert’s acoustic advice is to add frames and seals around your door to minimise the volume of noise escaping, just like the framed glass door installation in this project.

Once completed, our client was left with a clean and modern work are that didn’t compromise on space in their office. We completed their glass partitioning installation on time and on budget.

For help dividing private work spaces, check out our Acoustics Guide or get in touch with our team of specialists for more information about your project.

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