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Acoustic Glass Case Studies

For double the privacy, we installed sleek acoustic glass partitoning with a frosted band in an office north west of London.

Private Frosted Glass in North West London

The Challenge 

Our client was experiencing challenges with privacy in the workplace. In order to combat this, they were thinking of creating a meeting room with properties to help improve both audible and visual privacy. This was a space where their team could break out for confidential meetings, as well as focused work without any interruptions. Whilst this was their primary focus, they were also keen to make this new office space sleek and modern.

Glass partitioning was the perfect solution to achieve this. A common misconception is that glass offices can sometimes make employees feel as though there’s no where to hide. In fact, at Glass Partitioning UK, we have a few tricks up our sleeve to help our client achieve their new office vision.

The Solution 

For this project in London, we specified and installed acoustic glass partitioning. This premium glass partition uses a PVB membrane to offer soundproofing qualities. It adds 0.8,, thickness to the glass, making our client’s measure 12.8mm in total. Our acoustic glass walls are ideal for creating rooms for meetings and other contained methods of work. This is because it acts as an acoustic barrier to keep private conversations private, as well as reduce external noise interruptions. This choice of glass partitioning helped our client achieve audible privacy within their new meeting room.

To add visual privacy, we added a frosted band across the glass partitions. This is a type of glass manifestation that offered many benefits to our client’s workplace:

  • Privacy – The frosted glass partitioning is mostly opaque. This blurs vision into the new glass meeting room without compromising on the glass style.
  • Light – Importantly, the glass manifestation still allows light to pass through, ensuring the workspace optimised sunlight.
  • Health and Safety – Glass manifestations are often required as a legal requirement. For our client, they indicate that their acoustic glass partitioning is there, reducing the risk of employees walking into it and causing damage to themselves. The frosted banded across their glass office is a stylish way to ensure they’re compliant with health and safety regulations.

Our teams work efficiently to deliver our client’s new acoustic glass office quickly. They were happy to have a new workspace that met their vision and supported their team with different work tasks.

Whether you need a private meeting room or want to improve the privacy of your glass partitions, we can help. To discuss our glass partitioning systems best suited to your workplace, as well as any project costs, please don’t hesitate to contact our glass experts.

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