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We successfully installed glass partitions to section a room from the rest of the client's office and create an area with advanced privacy.

Double Glazed Glass Partitioning in Lancashire | Glass Partitioning UK

The Challenge

For this project, our client contacted our team of experts for help installing a smart office divider. Together, we established a clear brief that ensured that we met every requirement needed from their work environment:

  • Our client needed to separate space within their existing workplace. Their vision was that the glazed glass partitions would be fitted to section a room from the rest of the main office, creating a private area with better privacy for meetings, focused work or other related work tasks.
  • In order to create the ideal degree of privacy, we needed to assess the acoustic challenges unique to our client’s space. From this, we could deliver a system with exceptional acoustic qualities.
  • As privacy was a main concern for this project, we were also working alongside our client to find a suitable solution to add visual privacy within their glass office.

With designs and plans signed off, we decided on a convenient installation date and set to work..

The Solution

For this glass partitioning installation in Lancashire, we specified and installed double glazed glass partitioning. These were housed in dark grey partitioning tracks to create a smart finish.

Double glazed glass walls are ideal for businesses looking to create a work space with superior sound performance. The premium office partition system uses a vacuum, formed into between two glass panels. This vacuum acts as a barrier to prevent most unwelcome workplace noises from penetrating through the surface. This can improve the overall acoustic performance of a room, creating a private space for your team to work. In fact, our double glazed glass partitions can offer a sound insulation rating of up to 50 dB, depending on your system.

For further help deciding the ideal acoustic controls needed in your glass office, read our Acoustic Glass Partitioning Guide.

Many businesses don’t realise, but doors are critical when it comes to the acoustic performance of your glass office. They’re typically weak areas where sound can escape, disrupting neighbouring work rooms. To ensure this wasn’t an issue in our client’s glass partitioning installation, we fitted a double glazed glass door, complete with a lever latch lock for additional security. Top Tip: We recommend framing your glass door – just like we did for our client’s project. The aluminium framework can help to reduce the volume of sound energy that escapes through the door’s outline and joinings.

Once our client’s double glazed glass partition walls were fully fitted, our glass experts secured a smart manifestation onto the panels. We worked with our client to decide on the ideal design for their glass office – a frosted design that covered a large majority of the glass’s surface area. This created a unique finish that appeared sleek and corporate. The glass manifestation (also known as a glass graphic) created the new meeting room with visual privacy, as the client required. Our frosted manifestations are an ideal solution to create additional privacy without impacting the flow of light through the glass walls. This concluded our client’s project, and we left the team happy with their new private and modern workspace.

At Glass Partitioning UK, we take a collaborative approach. By working closely with our clients, we’re able to deliver effective office spaces, tailored to the needs unique to your business. No matter how big or how small your glass partitioning project is, please don’t hesitate to contact our team. We can discuss your project requirements, finding your ideal solution to transform your workplace.

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