A Guide to Glass Doors

To complement your new glass partitioning, you’ll probably be needing a perfect glass door. Finding the correct system can have a huge impact not just on the overall appearance of your office interiors, but room performance too.

At Glass Partitioning UK, we provide glass doors and associated ironmongery as a key part of our projects. To help your glass wall installation, our experts have collected their specialist knowledge in a detailed guide full of FAQs and product information, all about our glass doors.

How Much Do Glass Doors Cost?

As with most interior builds, you’re probably beginning your project with an idea of budget. For a better indication of what your complete glass partitioning installation costs (walls and all), get a free, instant quote with our easy-to-use calculation tool.

If you’re looking for a more affordable glazed door, we offer high-end solutions that won’t compromise on quality. Our single glazed doors, for example, offer the same premium finish as their double glazed alternatives – only with a few differences in glass performance.

Glass Office Partitioning

In some cases, our high-end partitioning solutions might be necessary. For acoustically challenged areas, we recommend investing in our acoustic glass doors, or, try our movable glass doors to create a design led piece in the workplace that’s sure to have a lasting impression.

Whatever your budget, our sales experts are at the end of the phone should you need any further advice on a glass door system that suits your wallet and your workplace.

Can Glass Doors Offer Privacy?

Typically, glazed glass doors can weaken the acoustic privacy of your glass office. The joining, as well as any time the door is left open, creates an open space where sound can escape.

If acoustic privacy is a priority in your workplace, we have a few tricks up our sleeve to help. As your first step, we recommend installing your glass door with drop seals and framing. These solutions act as a barrier, minimising the volume of noise travelling through the glass doorway.

Glass Partitioning For Care Homes

For visual privacy, we often install glass manifestations to create bespoke designs, act as a health and safety precaution and also minimise visual access into a room – something our frosted glass manifestations are especially popular for! Alternatively, why not install timer doors or half glazed interior doors, compatible with your glass partitions for complete or partial privacy.

Popular Internal Glass Doors

At GPUK, we offer a wide variety of glass door systems to suit different applications. Some of our popular options include:

  • Framed Glass Doors – Improve the acoustic performance of your glass door with our framed option. Popular alongside our banded glass walls, framed glass doors use an aluminium frame to achieve a modern, industrial style.
  • Frameless Glass Doors – Sleek, professional and affordable, our frameless glass doors have a sophisticated, seamless finish that demonstrates exceptional quality.
  • Movable Glass Doors – Our movable glass doors are the perfect solution for flexible workplaces. Simply fold your glass door to transition from an open plan office to a private space.
  • Sliding Glass Doors – Transition into your new glass office with our sliding glass doors. These are an ideal space-saving solution that can be either top hung or ¾ hung.
  • Timber Doors – Embrace nature with our timber doors. These solid structures are completely compatible with our glass walls and can be a great way to maintain visual and acoustic privacy.

If you require information on the fire rating of your glass doors, please refer to your unique building legislation or contact our experts for more advice.

Glass Door Aftercare

Our glass doors offer incredible strength, however they do require more maintenance than our glass walls. Regular upkeep ensures that hinges, door handles and joinery is functioning to the best of its ability. Our glass engineers offer a glass door aftercare package, using their attention to detail to ensure your glass door remains in working order and avoiding any costly repairs in the future.

Glass Office

As glass experts, we offer a wide variety of glass door options. We understand it can be overwhelming deciding the best system for your space, so encourage our customers to get in touch for further assistance finding the ideal solution to complete your glass partitioning project.

Some of our clients

We work with a range of brands from tech start-ups, to government & education.

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