Classic Architecture With Frameless Glass Partitioning

Frameless Glass Case Studies

We were thrilled to be invited to this recently converted office space, with gothic architecture, to devise a solution that would successfully divide the space without compromising its unique charm.

The Challenge

This project, located in Barking, London, was particularly thought-provoking. The client sought to maintain the striking gothic architecture and beautiful stained glass windows while ensuring the space was functional for their employees. Balancing aesthetics and practicality was crucial.

There were various things to consider, light, space and style:

Natural Light:

The team were conscious that any glass partition needed to maximise the natural light entering the room from the main window. It was essential to maintain the flow of light to the centre of the room, preserving the open and airy feel of the space.


Creating an accessible layout from both sides of the room was another critical factor. It was important that neither side felt isolated or cut off. Effective space planning is vital in office layouts, as every area needs to support the business and its employees’ productivity.


Styling decisions were also paramount. The partition needed to complement the traditional gothic style of the building while introducing a subtle modern touch. Achieving a harmonious blend of old and new was key to the project’s success.

Working in an older building often presents unexpected challenges, but our skilled team are equipped to handle these intricacies. We were pleased to be called in to explore the available options and offer our expertise.

The Solution

To embrace the building’s existing design, we settled on a frameless glass partitioning with two complementing doors on either side. The client also decided on a 10mm safety toughened glass, with a standard black D handle, balancing safety and style. Toughened glass is a great choice when taking into consideration health and safety in the workplace as it is less likely to break than laminated glass. 

After design and supply, our team then arrived to install the frameless glass partitioning. The installation process included fitting an aluminium track to the steel beam, which securely holds the glass in place.

The outcome is a complementary mix of modern and classic architecture, effectively creating two office spaces while also allowing natural light to flow freely. The partition enhances the room’s functionality without detracting from its historical beauty.


This glass partitioning installation in Barking, London, highlights our ability to innovate within the constraints of unique architectural features. The successful integration of modern elements into a gothic setting demonstrates our commitment to both aesthetic integrity and practical solutions.

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