Glass Office with Framed Door | Oxfordshire

Glass Partitioning Case Studies

We installed glass partitioning to divide space for the perfect glass office. We paired black tracks and a framed door with a matching handle.

Glass Office in Oxfordshire | Glass Partitioning UK (GPUK)

The Challenge 

Like most of the enquires we get at Glass Partitioning UK, our client in Oxfordshire needed our help to create an additional room in their office. We outlined several of their key requirements to ensure that we delivered the best system tailored to the needs of their workplace. The two main challenges were:

  1. They wanted an office partitioning that wouldn’t make their existing workspace feel smaller.
  2. The glass partitioning needed a contemporary design to suit the rest of their office design.

We couldn’t wait to get started..

The Solution 

Glass partitioning is a great way to ensure you’re efficiently utilising space. Installing glass in our client’s workplace over solid walls meant that their existing workplace didn’t feel smaller. On top of this, the new glass office had a great reach of natural light. This can be incredibly important as natural light has been proven time and time again to impact staff, both in terms of their mental and physical health.

We began the project by fitting black tracks around the perimeter of the room. These then secured the glazed glass walls in place. The installation also included a framed glass door, also in black. It had a black Guardsman pull handle to match the framework and also complement the smart, professional style that our client wanted to continue in their new glass office. The project was completed quickly and with high quality, ready for our client’s team to move in.

At Glass Partitioning UK, we understand the importance of a workspace that supports your business and reflects your values. We offer a variety of glass doors to suit you preferred design and function choices. Whether you need new glass partitioning or a glass door, we encourage you to contact our team. Our glass specialists can go through the options available to best suit your workplace.

Some of our clients

We work with a range of brands from tech start-ups, to government & education.

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