Frosted Glass: Who says glass partitions can’t be private?

Frosted Glass Case Studies

Create a memorable space with our frosted glass partitioning. Using film, we deliver unforgettable designs and add privacy to your room - without compromising on light. Enjoy our portfolio of frosted glass projects below.

Frosted Glass Partitions: Aesthetic Solutions for Privacy

The Challenge

Five Sisters is a charity shop in London. They were looking to optimise their operations by introducing a private area in their workspace. Recognising the many benefits of glass partitioning, they reached out to our team for help dividing an open and welcoming environment.

We promptly provided our client with a free, instant quote to give them an initial idea of project costs and aid them in their budgeting process. Following this, we conducted a technical survey to gather more detailed requirements. Our team worked closely with them to offer the most suitable solution at the very best value.

The Solution

With extensive industry expertise, we provided a comprehensive solution tailored to our client’s specific needs. We recommended single glazed glass partitions, accompanied by a sleek double glazed glass door with silver handles and hinges. This configuration not only exudes a seamless and modern look, but also maximises the amount of natural light within the space. Unlike traditional drywall or drylining, our glass office dividers allow light to pass through, creating a more inviting environment.

To address privacy concerns, we applied a tasteful frosted band across the glass walls. This elegant glass manifestation obstructs the view into the space while still allowing light to filter through. The end result was a private work area that provides the ideal setting for productive and collaborative charity meetings.

Updating Existing Glass Partitions

The Challenge

This project in London presented a refreshing change from our usual installations. Rather than starting from scratch, our client already had glass partitions in place. They approached our team with a specific request: to install a frosted band across the centre of their existing walls, as well as on the glass door beneath the handles and fixtures.

The frosted band, also known as a manifestation, serves multiple purposes. It can be a design element, a privacy screen or meet certain health and safety requirements. In this instance, our client sought privacy while also aiming to create a distinctive design feature.

The Solution

The project involved a 1,000mm frosted band applied across approximately 10 linear metres of glass. Our skilled fitters ensured the band was straight and applied without causing any damage to the glass panels. As a result, our client has successfully enhanced the privacy and confidentiality of their meeting room.

Apart from the aesthetic advantages, there are a number of reasons why applying a frosted manifestation can benefit your space. It allows for visual privacy while still allowing natural light the flow in – just like our client’s. In addition to partial manifestations, we also offer fully frosted glass partitioning using this technique.

Striking a Balance Between Privacy & Connectivity

The Challenge

Our client had a neglected corner in their Kent offices that they wanted to transform into a functional meeting room. The goal was to create a space that integrated with the office layout and catered to the needs of their staff.

One of the main hurdles was finding a solution that effectively divided work areas without isolating the new meeting room from the rest of the office. Striking a balance between privacy and space optimisation was crucial, especially for confidential discussions.

To address these requirements, we proposed a modern partitioning solution. Using a specific technique, we could ensure the desired privacy while still allowing ample light to flood the space, maintaining an open atmosphere.

The Solution

The partitioning used was simple, clean and high quality. We installed 10mm safety toughened glass into partitioning tracks to form the new meeting room. The frameless design not only enhanced the corporate style of the workplace, but also allowed natural light to enter from a nearby window.

To further enhance privacy, we applied a frosted band across the glass partitions. This manifestation technique distorts visual access into the area, providing staff with the privacy they need while adding an elegant touch. For more information, be sure to check out our comprehensive guide on 5 Benefits of Frosted Glass Partitioning.

Throughout the project, our primary focus was efficiency, ensuring that the installation was completed within the designated timeframe. As a result, our client now enjoys a bright and private glass meeting room that supports the needs of their workforce.

Creating Privacy With Frosted Glass Walls

The Challenge

Our client was looking to create an engaging meeting room that could cater to their team’s dynamic tasks. Recognising our expertise in the field, they contacted our team for help. The size of their new meeting room posed a challenge, however, we saw an opportunity to maximise space and boost natural light by installing glass partitions.

During the technical survey, we identified the obstacles our client wanted to overcome. These included concerns about privacy and the presence of uneven surfaces and thick skirting boards, which could complicate the installation process. Once we had a clear understanding of our client’s needs, we agreed on an ideal installation date that was convenient for their business. Our dedicated team then headed to their site in London, ready to get to work.

The Solution

We skillfully fitted 10mm single glazed glass partitions into black partitioning tracks (RAL 9005), ensuring stability. To guarantee strength and longevity, we used safety toughened glass which offers a good level of impact resistance. Single glazed glass walls bring a number of benefits, including cost efficiency and an enhanced appearance. Functionally, these fixed partitions offer our client an impressive sound insulation rating of up to 33 dB, ensuring the desired level of privacy they need.

To complement the glass partitions, we added a stylish frameless glass door, featuring ironmongery elements like a self-closing hinge and stainless steel D handles.

During the installation process, we used a raking method to fit the glass partitions around the thick skirting board. By cutting our glass partitions at a specific angle, we avoided costly modifications and ensured a perfect fit on the uneven surface.

To improve privacy within the glass meeting room, we then applied a frosted band. This manifestation technique delicately obscures vision into the room without impacting the amount of natural light. For our client, this imparted a contemporary design that revitalised their office space.

Don’t risk accidental collisions – let us help you navigate the world of glass safety. To determine whether your project requires a glass manifestation, get in touch or read our informative article.

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