Glass Walls for Retail

Are you struggling to get customers back into your shop after the pandemic? Whilst the subsequent culture change is certainly to blame, so are your interiors.

Studies have shown that 64% of customers have walked out of a store because of its appearance (The Brick and Mortar Retail Report, Poor lighting, bad acoustics and outdated furnishings reflect negatively on your brand and impact physical sales in stores, supermarkets and shopping centres.

Don’t worry. Whether you’re redesigning your workspace or simply want a refresh, glass partitioning can help. Unlike solid walls, they can help construct a positive shopping environment to boost sales.

Advantages of Glass Walls in Retail

How can our glass partitions impact your workplace? We could go on forever, but here are a few benefits that you might be interested in:


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Glass walls are pretty great at optimising natural light in the workplace. This will not only impact the wellbeing of your sales team, but also create a bright, welcoming shopping environment for your customers.

Glass Partitions for Retail

Sunlight has calm, relaxing connections with nature. Using glass partitions to run it throughout your workplace will create a similar, stress-free space. The positive experience in your shop can lead to an increased chance of purchase and reflect well on your brand – keeping you at the front of mind for any later, last-minute orders.


Illuminate your products with the help of glass partition walls. Natural light can improve your interiors and even optimise the appearance of your products. Not only does this give your customers a clearer, transparent view of the items you’re selling, but it increases the chances of them purchasing.


Supermarkets, shops and public centres are typically loud and busy. This can create an uncomfortable soundscape that impacts your customer’s mood and can be make or break when it comes to purchasing. Studies have found that a well-considered audio background could result in a 10% increase in sales (How Sound Affects Your Retail Environment,

Glass Retail Meeting Room

Depending on your acoustic requirements, we offer different types of glass partitioning to combat sound in the workplace. Our most advanced option is our acoustic glass partitions, offering up to 50 dB (dependent on installation and glazing options).


Did you know glass partitions can help you save on your shop’s energy bills? It’s true. With less dependency on artificial lighting, you can lower your energy expenditure and save money on your bills.

Best Glass Partitions for Retail Environments

Most of us want to maximise the full potential of our workplace, right? Every glass partitioning installation is unique, so we work closely with you to ensure we specify the right system for your space:

  • Single Glazed Glass Walls – Modern shopping environments, without the price tag. Our single glazed glass partitions are the most affordable system we offer, creating quality work environments that meet strict project budgets.
  • Double Glazed Glass Walls – If you’re looking for better sound insulation, we recommend our double glazed glass partitions. These look similar to their single glazed alternative, but can help create a more comfortable shopping soundscape.
  • Acoustic Glass Walls – For businesses struggling with acoustics in their retail departments, we recommend acoustic glass partitions. These are manufactured with an acoustic membrane that can dampen noises from external shops and boost sales.
  • Banded Glass Walls – Create a modern workspace with our banded glass partitions. This type of glass wall has taken the nation by storm, using a distinct framework to create sophisticated interior designs.

These are the most popular glass partition walls for the retail environment – other systems are available. We will cover all options with you.

Glass Partitioning for Retail

Whether you’re dividing multiple stores in a shopping centre or creating an office for your sales team, we can help. Our glass experts are trained with the latest product knowledge to recommend the best system to suit your need and budget requirements.

Why wait? Increase your sales and brand experience with our glass partitioning today.

Some of our clients

We work with a range of brands from tech start-ups, to government & education.

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