Glass Walls for Schools

The quality of a student’s learning environment is arguably just as important as what they are learning. Students need a safe-space which feels open, clean and bright to enhance productivity; yet still retains the acoustic qualities of an enclosed classroom. So, to support bright minds a bright solution is needed – glass walls can help to bridge this gap.

What are glass walls?

Glass walls are non-load bearing, glazed window panes that help to break up working environments. These can be used in conjunction with other partitions, such as doors and solid modules, enabling you to divide spaces within a school to suit a huge variety of functions.

What are the benefits of glass walls in schools?


With the current Coronavirus pandemic causing schools to re-think the way in which students learn and play, protective glass partitions and screens are a great way to enable schools to keep certain students together in bubbles without causing them to feel closed in and isolated. Being able to see their peers through the glass helps maintain a sense of normality for students whilst also keeping them safe.

Harness natural light

A study carried out by the California Energy Commission showed that students learn better in classrooms that receive high levels of natural light, than those with low levels of natural light. Installing glass partitioning assists the travel of natural light throughout a building, thus improving the productivity of staff and students. Significant savings can also be made because the need to implement artificial lighting is reduced.

Improve classroom acoustics

So, we’ve established that glass walls keep light in, but can it keep sound out? The short answer is yes. All our acoustic glass walls are coated in a transparent PVB membrane which prevents sound vibrations from penetrating the glass. This makes the glass wall an effective solution for separating noisy classroom activities from quiet, distraction-free learning areas.

Value for money

We appreciate that schools have seen reduced funding in recent years. Which means that undergoing drastic refurbishment can’t always be justified due to the sheer cost involved. However, glass walls can be assembled and disassembled quickly with no structural modifications, saving you from forking out on a new partitioning system. This also saves you the labour costs of a disruptive long-term project.

Modernise your school

In addition to the technical benefits, glass walls offer excellent aesthetics. They are frequently implemented in new builds as a cost-effective way to create spaces that are bright, airy and in keeping with the latest interior design trends – meaning you can inspire students for many years to come. Take a look at our impressive curved glass walls for some inspiration.

Toughened and laminated glass for safety

In schools we know that safety is of paramount importance. When looking at installing glass walls within schools, toughened and laminated glass are always advised offering a tough, robust structure that is hard to break, and if broken, won’t shatter into sharp pieces, helping to protect young children and adults.

Why us?

We have over 25 years of experience in the industry, with many of our clients coming from the education sector. Which is why all our fitters at Glass Partitioning UK are fully DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked, giving you complete reassurance that the safeguarding of students is protected. It also negates the prospect of any delays to the start date, meaning we can get on-site and start work without any hassle.

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