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Learn how we helped our customer create a modern workplace and enhance their existing brick wall using industrial framed glass partitioning..

Industrial Framed Glass Partitioning in London | Glass Partitioning UK

The Challenge 

This glass partitioning installation was a project for a returning customer. Previously, we’d helped them configure a new, modern workplace by fitting banded glass partitioning in London. Flash forward a few years, and our client wanted to refresh their interiors again.

Having a positive prior experience with our team, our client knew they could trust us and rely on our services. They wanted to divide a new office space for important meetings and more focused-based work. As the planned space was relatively small, it was important to maximise as much room as possible – as well as specify a partitioning solution that complemented their quirky interior design.

The new glazed partition wall needed to match the previous system we had completed for our client, so we were able to quickly specify the perfect solution. We noted that there were a few challenges when it came to installation. Specifically, our client had an exposed brick wall. This gave their workplace an industrial twist (something that many modern businesses have been embracing), however, it created an uneven surface where the glass walls needed to be installed. Using our experience, we were able to come up with an ideal solution that wouldn’t impact the quality of their new glass office or their brick wall.

The Solution

After contacting our team, we organised a convenient date to visit our client’s site and conduct a technical survey. During this visit, we could gather accurate measurements so we supplied the glass wall made to measure. It was also a great opportunity to take note of the installation challenges prior to installation, avoiding any additional costs or project delays later on.

When it came to installation, we fitted 12mm safety toughened glass. Our team of fitters then fixed metal banded bars across the glass walls. These measured 6mm thick and matched the existing system – this industrial framework was key to tying the workplace design together.

Banded glass partitioning (also known as industrial framed glass partitioning) is one of the most popular systems that we offer. It adds a modern twist to any environment and complements original building features such as our client’s brick walls.

Speaking of the brick walls, our experienced team were able to easily solve the initial installation challenges. We have over 20 years of experience in the industry and have faced our fair share of fitting challenges in our team. We’ve since streamlined some of the most efficient solutions to deliver high quality glass offices. In our client’s workplace, for example, we applied a mastic seal against the brickwork wall. This created a smooth, even surface where we could then install the glass partitioning tracks and complete our client’s project.

The glass meeting room was completed with a sliding glass door. We continued the banded framework over the door’s glass panes and completed the system with guardsman handles in a matching black. The glass sliding doors are top-hung and work seamlessly within the glass partitioning system, adding a touch of sophistication to our client’s workplace.

Embrace your building’s existing features with the help of our industrial framed glass partition walls. Using an aluminium framework, we can create a sleek design that accentuates these original assets, making your work environment truly unique.

To discuss your options, please don’t hesitate to contact our team for help.

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